Claas – A WinGuard Success Story


“In addition to our production site for combine harvesters and self-propelled forage harvesters, our headquarters Harsewinkel also accomodate an exhibition center including a museum, a cinema as well as a shop. Furthermore, we offer factory tours for visitors. Therefore we considered it important to be able to control all installed security and building management systems via one unified and clear platform. WinGuard by Advancis is vendor-neutral so that new subsystems can be integrated anytime. The software initiates automatic actions and provides guided instructions to the responsible personnel. This offers optimum support to our control center employees, both in case of events, but also for daily operation tasks, for example with regard to maintenance tasks.“
Christian Vogt
Christian Vogt
Corporate Security Manager

The Challenge – Security Management in agricultural Machinery Production

With corporate headquarters in Harsewinkel, Westphalia, CLAAS is the European market leader in combine harvesters. Furthermore, the company is world leader in self-propelled forage harvesters. CLAAS is also a top performer in worldwide agricultural engineering with tractors, agricultural balers and green harvesting machinery. The CLAAS product portfolio also includes state-of-the-art farming informatino technology. CLAAS employs 11,.500 workers worldwide.

Combines have been manufactured in the main CLAAS factory in Harsewinkel since 1936. Until today, over 400,000 machines have been built. Harsewinkel is one of the most high-tech production plants of combines and agricultural choppers in the world. Intelligent production processes and logistics provide for ideal machine loading. In addition, CLAAS is also setting standards for the entire industry in terms of environmental protection, thanks to its new paint system.

The headquarters Harsewinkel accomodates the total administration of the company. Furthermore, it encompasses the Technoparc, an exhibition center in which more than 30,000 interested visitors per year learn more about the agricultural machines of CLAAS and the company history. The related shop offers clothes, toy models and presents.

Video surveillance, intrusion detection as well as different building management technologies are indispensabale in order to guarantee the security of both employees and visitors. In addition, material assets are protected and business interruptions or production downtimes due to theft or vandalism are prevented.

  • 5 WinGuard clients
  • 2.000 datapoints
  • Geutebrück video surveillance
  • WinGuard VideoManager
  • WinGuard Virtual Modul
  • WinGuard notification module
  • Honeywell intrusion detection system
  • Integration of building management
  • CAD Support Plus

The System Concept – WinGuard is the comprehensive Solution

To be able to control all installed technical systems centrally via a unified operation interface, CLAAS has decided to use the Physical Security Information Management Platform WinGuard by Advancis. The subsystems connected to the platform will interact automatically if an event is registered. In case of an intrusion attempt, for example, the video image from the concerned area is immediately displayed in the control center. The interface for display is freely adaptable and different layouts can be predefined. PTZ control as well as archive access is uniformly possible, provided that the connected video systems have the corresponding functionality. For easy operation, video control units or USB joysticks can be used. Due to the integration of the CAD floor plans of the buildings, an alarm will immediately be exactly localized. Responsible personnel on site within the factory premises can receive relevant information via phone call or SMS so that the appropriate actions can be taken promptly. All actions are completely stored and documented in order to be able to evaluate emergency processes and to adapt them, if required.

The module “Facility Manager“ helps to manage maintenance dates or inspection intervals, e.g. for fire extinguishers, sprinkler or air conditioning systems. All set events are comfortably displayed via WinGuard in an overview. For optimization of maintenance workflows, the entries can be filtered according to time, type or location.

The Advantages

  • WinGuard as a vendor-neutral platform integrates all security and building management as well as communication systems
  • Unified, user-friendly control of all systems
  • Visualization of event messages as well as guided instructions for solving the situation and to initiate appropriate actions
  • Automation of detector de-/reactivations and scheduling of maintenance dates
  • Seamless, legally compliant documentation of all security-relevant processes
  • Redundancy concepts to ensure high availability of the system

Homogeneous User Interface – WinGuard integrates all connected Systems

Guard rounds

The clear graphic in WinGuard displays the control point that has been checked by the security personnel in the factory map. In the process instruction, a photo including the details of the control point is displayed. All important check list points are marked by a coloured frame.

Weather stations

At some factory buildings, building management sensors are installed to monitor measured values of the weather stations that are visualized in a unified way in WinGuard. This enables the employees to take immediate action in case set limits are exceeded, e.g. for the smoke extraction hoods which cannot be closed if a certain wind speed is exceeded so that the hall ventilation will be impaired then.

Camera overview

For easy operation of the video system, the graphic enables display of live images in the WinGuard Video Manager, including preview image (top right side). Here, WinGuard displays the video cone as a shading in the graphics so that the user can recognize the camera view and control it.

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