Transportation – Safety for local and long-distance public transport


Challenge and solution

In local and long-distance public transport, not only is active monitoring of facilities and stops necessary, but at the same time perfect incident management, as a large number of incidents occur every day.

Instead of operating numerous individual systems and a distributed feed with varying quality into the central management program, the WinGuard hazard management system offers a uniform control of all technical systems for an optimal incident management.

Reference example



We were searching for a vendor neutral system, suitable for a nationwide application. Fast reaction times with regard to modification requests as well as the provision of new interfaces were important as well. Not all management system manufacturers offer these features as a matter of course – Advancis makes the difference!

Scalability, redundancy and high availability are indispensable for us. With the location and interface server, an easy connection of distributed systems is possible due to the comporehensive interface portfolio provided by Advancis.

Werner Casett
Eng. Werner Casett
ÖBB–IKT GmbH, Solution Management
Heinz Schwarzmann
ÖBB–IKT GmbH, Solution Management