Almost unlimited Application Possibilities

Distributed system with unlimited locations, clients, datapoint units and adapters. The development of new adapters is possible.

WinGuard Enterprise is representing multi-location systems, the ideal solution e.g. for distributed stores of a retail chain. With the System Manager module, the control of several independent WinGuard systems spread over multiple locations is possible. The status of each system is shown in a task bar as part of the WinGuard user adapter so that the user has a clear overview. Automatic actions can be executed by the system in each connected location, enabling centralised control


Global projects with numerous sites


Unlimited number of sites, DPU and clients


Autonomous operation of locations


Integration of further process-supporting software, e.g. incident management, ticketing or data mining systems

A selection of satisfied WinGuard users

Application Example

Map material can be integrated via the geo data adapter, supporting the visualisation of multi-location installations and mobile devices.

Using segmentation, large projects can be easily managed as the data reception can e.g. be limited to particular locations.


Project Example

Wherever several locations have to be monitored 24/7, a central control room offers the optimal solution to increase efficiency and reduce costs. With location servers installed in the particular locations, WinGuard collects information from all connected systems. Event messages are displayed in a unified user adapter at the central workstations.

Especially for comprehensive installations, segmentation offers the possibility to encapsulate single segments (e.g. locations) from data reception so that not only the security will be increased, but also the performance since less data has to be distributed and synchronized within the system.

The use of further data mining tools can optimally complement the evaluation and statistics range. The data collected by WinGuard can be individually displayed (graphics, lists, diagrams) to enable an easy analysis.


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Visit our virtual WinGuard showroom to see how event processing and control of connected systems works with WinGuard. The showroom is always open for an online visit.


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