Correctional Facility – Security for Inmates, Visitors and Personnel

The Challenge

Particularly high security requirements apply for correctional facilities. Not only the guards and officers, but also visitors and neighbours as well as the inmates themselves have to be protected from assaults, attacks and injury.

The approach to fulfill these requirements is therefore specifically adapted to the justice system and requires indepth know-how about the procedures in a correctional facility and the implemented technical systems. Already the basic objective requires a change of thinking: here you do not safeguard the way in, but the way out.

With regard to the technical devices required for a correctional facility, particular focus is set on a perfectly working and permanently available communication system as an integrated solution.

The Solution: WinGuard

All available systems such as intercom, radio and telephone must be controlled comprehensively, independent from the different end devices.

With its customized user interface adapted to the personnel and system resources in a correctional facility, WinGuard centralizes all available installations. In addition, mobile devices such as personal distress devices are providing status and location information.

Such messages are visualized by WinGuard, through an intelligent automatic display of floor plans linked with video data. This provides a complete overview of the employee’s safety status. The full capability to act is ensured anytime for the guards by scenarios for changeovers and re-routing at defined times as well as by displaying the occupancy status and incidents.

Complex Networking

information from numerous databases such as inmate information systems must be interactively retrieved and displayed, if required. 
The number of systems in use places high demands on the flexibility of the management system.

  • Communication systems
  • Video systems
  • Notification systems
  • Exterior security
  • Administration systems

Integrated Security

With WinGuard, the sum of the individual systems becomes a homogeneous overall system ensuring a fast and secure reaction, taking all information into account.