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Software Solutions for Physical Security

Advancis has been successfully active on the market as an independent software house for over 25 years. Today we are one of the international market leaders in the field of vendor-neutral security and building management. Our solutions AIM and WinGuard are used wherever maximum security is indispensable, e.g. in industry, finance and administration, data centers, transport and traffic, logistics, healthcare or in the operation of critical infrastructures.

Due to market trends such as increasing digitalization, data collection/analysis and the associated platform economy, new solutions and technologies such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Internet of Things (IoT) must also be taken into account with regard to product development. Our software solutions support this growth – both in terms of new functions and interfaces as well as concerning the speed and complexity of development.


Advancis worldwide

We are an international company with locations all over the world. Our teams collaborate across countries to support our customers and partners worldwide. For a complete list of our offices, click here.


Mission and strategy

Advancis is founded on the principle of constant growth through the development of sustainable solutions for its customers, based on the activity of competent and high-performing employees.


Software development

We develop reliable and economical solutions for our customers and partners. As IT software developers with an exceptional service orientation, we stand for unique software solutions.


Our values

At Advancis, we always strive for the most efficient solution. We want to offer our employees excellent development and career opportunities. Social responsibility, fairness, quality and sustainability – these are not just buzzwords for us, but values that we live day by day.

It started with an innovative idea

It is one of these stories from the pioneering time for software – it all started in the home office of the company founder Hartmut Nöll. After graduating from university with a degree in computer science in 1992, he develops one of the first German vendor-neutral security and building management systems for a software company. In 1994, Hartmut Nöll decides to start up his own business. Free of any economic constraints and customer pressure he focuses on the development of his own, new security and building management system WinGuard. In 1994, a first version of WinGuard is presented to the international public. In 1995 there are already first installations. In 1996, the first control center with WinGuard is commissioned at the company Schenk in Darmstadt.

In the year 2001, Jan Meiswinkel participates in the company and contributes the experience from his nationwide operating planning office for fire prevention. An equal partnership with the responsibility division software development and sales is established, both departments staffed by qualified experts of their respective area of expertise. At the joining of Jan Meiswinkel, the company already employs its first employees. Major national projects as well as the move to larger offices follow. Advancis grows from a small to a medium-sized company so that now, more and more international target markets are in the focus of activity.

Due to the continuously growing demand the first Advancis area representations in Austria (Vienna) as well as in the Middle East (Abu Dhabi) are founded in2010; in 2011 the Netherlands (Rotterdam) area representation follows. Today Advancis also has representations in Great Britain, Sweden and in the US.

Foundation by Hartmut Nöll

Foundation by Hartmut Nöll


First installations


Entry by Jan Meiswinkel

Entry by Jan Meiswinkel


500 installations


National companies in Austria & UAE


National company in the Netherlands


>300 interfaces

>300 interfaces


1000 installations


2000 installations


National company UK


Acquisition Cruatech

Acquisition Cruatech


New product AIM


National company USA


>500 interfaces

>500 interfaces


Advancis today

Advancis is based on the principle of constant growth through the development of sustainable solutions for its customers, realized by competent and high-performing employees. With our software and services, we are constantly setting new standards in terms of design, function and quality. The challenge in the security industry is to responsibly combine state-of-the-art and easy-to-use technology with unconditional reliability. Due to a consistent strategy focused on partnerships, Advancis has broad solution expertise in all verticals and application areas with high security requirements.

Technological development is rapidly moving forward. Systems and sensors are becoming ever more complex, and the volumes of information and data to be processed are increasing. The interaction of control centers with mobile devices is also increasingly in demand, and highly interesting new work concepts are emerging. The constant challenge remains to adapt and optimize products and services to that, with the aim to establish Advancis as the first choice worldwide in the sector of security and building technology software. 


Memberships and certifications

As a member of professional associations, we address the concerns of our customers and partners, participate in working groups and accompany events.