How artificial intelligence assists in Crisis Management

The “SPELL” research project funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy was launched in June 2021. With exciting project partners and future-oriented goals, a step is to be taken towards the digital transformation of the economy.

Future Solutions with SPELL

„SPELL“ – stands for “Semantic Platform for Intelligent Decision and Operations Support in Control Centers and Situation Centers“. The aim of this project is to enable emergency response, emergency aid and care measures for the population to be initiated more quickly and in line with the situation in crisis situations (for example, in the event of major incidents, pandemics, natural disasters or widespread power failures) with the help of artificial intelligence. The prerequisite for this is a data-based overview of all relevant information as an overall situation picture and the networking of all those involved. Artificial intelligence can create this basis and significantly support decision-making and implementation in order to minimize wrong decisions.

Strong Project Partners

Over the next three years, 12 project partners will develop forward-looking solutions as part of the SPELL project: the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence as consortium leader, Advancis Software & Services GmbH, apheris AI GmbH, BASF SE, Corevas GmbH & Co, DRK-Landesverband Rheinland-Pfalz e.V., Empolis Information Management GmbH, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft e.V. with its institutes IESE and Fokus, ISE Informatikgesellschaft für Software-Entwicklung mbH, LiveReader GmbH, Technische Universität Darmstadt as well as VfS (Verband für Sicherheitstechnik) and other associated partner organizations.


With the help of Artificial Intelligence to Success

Advancis’ focus within the project is particularly on the integration, harmonization and utilization of sensor data from security, building management and communication and information technology in near real-time.

With the help of artificial intelligence and data technologies, a significant gain in information and time should be achieved in crisis situations. Advancis will primarily test this in concrete applications of networked BOS and industrial control centers with the aim of ensuring resource-efficient incident management through artificial intelligence.

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