Parking – Highest security demands require a comprehensive system integration

The Challenge

A secure parking area does not only mean that the parked vehicle is protected against theft and damage, but the users of the parking area themselves also want to feel safe there. Protection against crime is therefore one of the most important protection goals in a parking area. Therefore, unauthorized intrusion into the parking area must be prevented. At the same time, however, extensive fire and accident protection is also required. This requires the use of numerous technical systems such as fire detection systems, sprinkler systems, video surveillance, barrier control, personal emergency call, intercom, voice alarm systems, lighting control, parking guidance systems, license plate recognition, exhaust air systems as well as door and gate control.

Icon Control of lighting/orientation aids

Control of lighting/orientation aids

Sensitive areas such as pay stations, exits and separate par¬king areas should be very well illuminated. Well illuminated orientation aids, e.g. signs (emergency exits, staircases) are especially important for people unfamiliar with the area to find their way around. Via WinGuard, these building management systems are also directly integrated and the personnel in the control center immediately receives a corresponding message if e.g. a lamp or illuminated sign is no longer working and needs to be repaired.

Icon Simplified maintenance

Simplified maintenance

Fire detection technology is an important aspect in parking areas. For the diarming and re-arming of fire detectors, e.g. in the context of maintenance work, WinGuard offers the module „Control operations“. With this module, the responsible persons on site can register control operations via a web form, which have to be approved by the control center. The process is thus digitized, and the target state of the detectors concerned is monitored within the defined period of time so that third parties cannot make any unauthorized changes directly at the systems. In turn, the approval and the actual detector status can be viewed online by the requestor. The module reduces false alarms and helps to reliably detect hazardous situations.

Parking management via an integration platform

All technical systems used in a parking area can be controlled in a unified way via the open integration platform WinGuard. In addition to video surveillance, communication in particular is an important security element for parking area users. Often, there is no security personnel directly on site in parking garages, but emergency call detectors to a permanently manned control center are available. As cameras installed in the parking area are automatically displayed via WinGuard, the control center personnel receives an overview of the situation on site. Dynamic workflows facilitate the secure and fast processing of an event.


Reports and evaluations

All events such as messages and user entries are logged in WinGuard. For external use, the information can be exported to common formats or provided in real-time. Via e-mail, SMS or telephone, maintenance personnel on site can be notified automatically so that downtimes are minimized and users of the parking area can feel constantly safe and well-oriented. In addition, the WinGuard Facility Manager allows the recording of maintenance dates and test intervals for unconnected systems, e.g. for fire extinguishers.

The WinGuard Video Archive offers the possibility to create bookmarks and save sequences independently from the video system installed in the respective parking area. These can be linked to events and supplemented by additional remarks, e.g. to preserve evidence after an event has occurred.