Infineon – A WinGuard Success Story


"Our aim is to work with the latest security technology. We were convinced that the WinGuard management system from Advancis would offer us a modern and open PSIM platform. This expectation was fulfilled. Due to its open architecture, WinGuard offers many perspectives when selecting new suppliers for security products and for the integration of additional sites into our existing security concept. For us, WinGuard is the tool we need to manage all security-related activities and we cannot imagine our daily business without it."
Josef Huber
Josef Huber
Infineon Technologies AG Business Continuity

The Company Infineon – Security management in micro electronics/semiconducter industry

Infineon Technologies AG is a world leader in semiconductor solutions that make life easier, safer and greener. Microelectronics from Infineon is the key to a better future. In the 2020 fiscal year (ending 30 September), the company reported sales of €8.567 billion with about 46,700 employees worldwide. Through the acquisition of the US American Cypress Semicoductor Corporation in April 2020, Infineon is one of the ten largest semiconductor companies worldwide.

Infineon’s business sectors are divided into Automotive (41 %), Power & Sensor Systems (31 %), Industrial Power Control (17 %) and Connected Secure Systems (11 %). The four main trends energy efficiency, mobility, security and the Internet of Things & Big Data are driving rapid growth in the semiconductor business. The core application areas of Infineon’s semiconductor solutions are, for example, assistance and security systems as well as comfort electronics in cars, power generation (wind and photovoltaics), industrial drives, power supplies, mobile devices or payment transactions.

Infineon focuses on the fastest growing segments of the semiconductor market and global megatrends. Infineon annually invests
13 % of its revenues in research and development. Infineon also belongs to the 10 % of most sustainable companies worldwide in terms of social, environmental and basic economic values. The Infineon Campus “Campeon” at the Neubiberg headquarters is an office and development location which is integrated into a 62-hectare public landscape park with water areas and sports facilities. Security in the office and laboratory buildings, the canteen and restaurants, the own kindergarten, stores and a fire station must always be guaranteed.
Further international Infineon locations are centrally managed with regard to security.


  • WinGuard Enterprise
  • 22 Adapter Servers in different time zones
  • 2 Location Servers
  • Hot Standby
  • 20 WinGuard workstations
  • 88,000 datapoints
  • Video systems from SeeTec, Siemens, Dallmeier
  • Intrustion detection systems from Siemens,
  • Fire alarm system from Siemens
  • Access control from Siemens and Lenel
  • Alarm receiving station from Telenot
  • Performance and network monitoring via SNMP
    and Siemens SPS

The System Concept – WinGuard is the perfect control center solution

Infineon selected the WinGuard open PSIM platform from Advancis to control all technical systems used at the sites centrally via a unified user adapter and, in addition, to display remote, autonomous sites. The independent site solution enables the alarm system as well as the CCTV system to be connected to an adapter server on site. WinGuard receives intrusion alarms and automatically triggers the video recordings of the related cameras. In this way, even if a site becomes isolated from the main system, the alerting as well as the complete logging of the situation are guaranteed.

At the Infineon sites that have a control center, fire detection, access control technology and CCTV are used. In the security control center, the cameras related to any alarms are automatically displayed. All events as well as the initiated actions are fully archived and stored in a customer database via SQL export for further evaluation.

  • As a vendor-neutral platform, WinGuard integrates all available security, building management as well as communication systems
  • Unified, user-friendly operation of all technical systems
  • Visualization of events as well as guided workflows and automatic actions to resolve the situation
  • Independent site location solutions can be realized via Adapter Servers
  • Automatic camera display in case of alarm as well as comprehensive video archive
  • Performance and network monitoring of the IT infrastructure
  • Seamless and legally compliant documentation of all security-relevant processes

Infineon Location Overview

Infineon’s security concept provides for autonomous operation of all sites connected to the Infineon’s own security center. For this purpose, a WinGuard Adapter Server as well as a Video Server have been installed on site. In case of an alarm from the intrusion detection system, the video recording will be triggered so that even in the event of a connection interruption to the 24/7 security center, the video recording will continue without any interruption.

WinGuard Network Monitoring

The network overview enables to immediately identify any site failures. An overview of the registered workstations is also provided. Not only the servers and clients are monitored, but also all end devices such as video recorders/encoders or printers. The main servers are additionally monitored for performance so that any overload or lack of hard disk capacity can be detected anytime.

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