ZF – A WinGuard Success Story


"In our widespread industrial plants there are numerous security, building and communications technologies installed. We determined that the implementation of a Physical Security Information Management System would offer our personnel optimal and efficient system control. WinGuard provides our operators with guided step by step instructions to ensure that they follow the correct action plan for each emergency and incident.
Peter Unrath
Peter Unrath
Factory Security

The Challenge – PSIM in the Automotive Supply Industry

ZF Friedrichshafen AG is a global leader in driveline and chassis technology as well as active and passive safety technology. The company has a global workforce of 146,000 with approximately 230 locations in some 40 countries. With its products, the company is striving for a world without accidents and emissions. With its broad portfolio, ZF is advancing mobility and services for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and industrial technology applications. ZF is one of the largest automotive suppliers worldwide.

Security is particularly essential for the numerous and highly complex manufacturing processes that the company performs every day. Protection of employees against hazards that might arise e.g. due to gas leakage or in case of a fire is most important for ZF. Until now the numerous fire alarm and gas warning systems from different manufacturers that are installed at the company’s headquarters in Friedrichshafen and at Passau were operated individually. This was not only complicated and time-consuming but also required that system operators possess comprehensive knowledge about the systems that they were in charge of.

The PSIM platform WinGuard by Advancis has enabled all subsystems, brands and the complete technical infrastructure at both location sites to be integrated and managed. Security operators now see real-time alerts for all connected systems with dynamic instructions in case of each event to resolve incidents efficiently and speedily.

  • WinGuard Enterprise
  • 16 WinGuard clients
  • 47,300 datapoints
  • Esser/Hekatron/Securiton/Minimax/ Siemens fire alarm systems
  • Honeywell Analytics/Gawado gas warning systems
  • WinGuard Virtual Module
  • WinGuard Notification Module
  • Connection of building control technology
  • CAD Support Plus

The System Concept – WinGuard is the all-in-one solution for the automotive industry

Industrial work processes are often associated with special risks. In addition to System advantages possible cases of fire the greatest risk for employees are leaks of harmful and flammable gases. It is therefore indispensable to monitor the environment using gas sensors and fire alarm systems. WinGuard workstations enable operators to monitor and manage all integrated systems (fire alarm/gas leakage systems, building technology, etc.) with unified graphic user interfaces which allows to see events in real-time and to take immediate actions where necessary. In each event WinGuard informs the local control centre as well as the on site control personnel using SMS, e-mail or telephone.

To facilitate system maintenance of the numerous fire alarm systems installed at ZF, the graphic input as well as the data supply are automated. Floor plans were povided by ZF and overlaid with AutoCAD block attributes with the locations of the fire detectors. Furthermore, all datapoints, the related work instructions and automatic printout function were integrated in WinGuard using a simple import interface. This significantly reduces the maintenance work for the fire protection department. All system events and operations, including the audit trail of user actions are recorded by the system for forensics and analysis. This provides a significant gain in time to train operators since management and handling of procedures are simplified and standardised. WinGuard also allows for the management of multiple sites at different locations. Backup and interface servers provide high redundancy.

System advantages

  • Vendor-neutral connection of all technical systems
  • Well-structured graphic user interface
  • Guided instructions and complete recording
  • Cross-location monitoring
  • High redundancy
  • Linkage to superordinated mission control systems easily possible

Homogeneous User Interface

Gas warning alarm

Diverse gas warning systems from different manufacturers are installed in the plants. Upon reaching predefined gas limit, alarms are triggered for intervention by the fire department with displayed information about the gas level or leakage, location, and required protective measures and procedures. The measured values can be displayed in graphic format (trend).

Route card printing

In case of a fire alarm route cards (according to works fire department) are automatically printed out at the move-in point for the fire brigade showing the route to the emergency event for emergency responders. In addition, WinGuard is prepared to re-print these route cards for firefighters who are alerted at a later stage

Automatic projection

Detectors and sensors in this project are supplied to the WinGuard client GUI’s using AutoCAD maps. WinGuard automatically replaces the DIN graphic symbols with predefined dynamic icons at the zone affected by the alarm. Any changes or modifications made in the AutoCAD maps are automatically imported into WinGuard.

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