NORD/LB – A WinGuard Success Story


"We wanted to continue working with different manufacturers of technical systems for security and building management in order to remain independent at all times. WinGuard therefore offered the optimum solution in the form of a vendor-neutral threat management system that integrates the extensive infrastructure of the banking association across all locations. In addition, existing communication systems are connected, which are relevant both for rapid incident processing in the event of danger and for the day-to-day operations of a bank. The high availability of WinGuard and the reporting functions are further decisive advantages."
Jens Sörenhagen
System integrator for security technology

The Challenge – a central platform to ensure security in all bank branches

NORD/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank is one of the leading German commercial banks. As a public-law institution, it is part of the S-Finanzgruppe. The core business areas include corporate customers, special financing in the energy and infrastructure sector and for aircraft, the financing of commercial real estate via Deutsche Hypo, capital market business, S-Group business with the savings banks and private and business customers including private banking.

The bank is based in Hanover, Braunschweig and Magdeburg and has branches in Oldenburg, Hamburg, Schwerin, Düsseldorf and Munich. The challenge was to set up a national control center to ensure comprehensive security.

The Solution – Physical Security Information Management in a superordinate control center

  • WinGuard Enterprise Server
  • WinGuard Hot-Standby Server
  • 2 location server
  • 6 Interface server
  • 16 WinGuard operator stations
  • Alarm center
  • Intercom
  • Evacuation system
  • Video surveillance / CCTV
  • Building automation
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Alarm systems
  • Intrusion alarm systems
  • Home automation
  • Access control
  • Personal emergency call system
  • Various PLC via Modbus IP

The system concept – WinGuard is the complete solution

In addition to the classic danger of a robbery, there are numerous other potential threats in a bank that make high security precautions necessary, such as burglary or unauthorized access outside business hours, but also the failure of technical infrastructure such as building services systems or even IT.

WinGuard as an independent and manufacturer-neutral hazard management system offers an integration platform for processing all events registered by the connected security, building management and information systems. Reports from fire and burglar alarm systems, access control systems, video cameras. The data from the server room and, for example, the temperature monitoring of the server room are displayed in a clear user interface, and all connected systems can be controlled in a standardized way. Guided procedural instructions help the user to take the appropriate measures, e.g. to prevent potential failures, switch to fallback levels or plan preventive maintenance on the technical systems.

In the event of an incoming report, both the cross-location control center and the responsible staff on site at the bank branch are automatically informed by text message, e-mail or telephone. WinGuard also enables automatic actions to be forwarded to all branches, including the monitoring and complete storage of all measures.

High redundancy is ensured by location and interface servers. Each bank branch can be monitored in parallel, locally and/or by the central control center. The organizational integration of WinGuard into overarching security concepts and corporate IT is seamless. In the event of an incoming report, both the cross-location control center and the responsible staff on site at the bank branch are automatically informed by text message, e-mail or telephone. WinGuard also enables automatic actions to be forwarded to all branches, including the monitoring and complete storage of all measures.

The advantages

  • As a manufacturer-independent system, WinGuard integrates all existing technical subsystems, e.g. intrusion, hold-up and fire alarm systems, access control, video surveillance, but also the entire building technology
  • The integration of the IT infrastructure as the basis for all communication processes is also realized via WinGuard
  • Extended redundancy concepts to ensure high availability of the system
  • Seamless, legally compliant documentation of all security-relevant processes
  • Standardized, user-friendly display and operation of all technical systems
  • Commands for controlling different systems are processed in the same form
  • Simple fault detection by receiving fault messages from the connected systems
  • Scheduling of preventive maintenance via WinGuard and rapid response to potential failures
  • Organizational integration into overarching security concepts
  • Central or local monitoring of bank branches is flexibly possible

Homogeneous user interface – WinGuard integrates all connected systems

Central booking system

By using motion and presence detectors in conjunction with a room booking system, energy can be saved in NORD/LB’s buildings in terms of lighting and also heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The central coordination of maintenance data for technical building systems is also possible.

Emergency power supply

The centralized monitoring of the UPS (uninterruptible power supply) for the voice alarm systems (SAA) makes an important contribution to security in the company and offers precise remote monitoring and management of UPS systems.

Cyclical language tests

Voice alarm systems (VAS) used with fire alarm systems must have a high degree of reliability. Testing in accordance with DIN EN 54-16 is carried out cyclically by means of speech intelligibility tests for predefined building areas and is controlled centrally.

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