MPL – A WinGuard Success Story


"We wanted to provide our customers a “platform as a service“ solution in an Azure environment for data management as well as remote control of security, building and communication installations. To constantly monitor more than 200 projects, it has to be ensured that this service solution is reliable 24/7. This is why we use WinGuard as a hosted alarm centre, as the hot-standby concept guarantees the high availability of the software platform anytime."
Peter Lenters
Peter Lenters
Managing Director

The Challenge – Physical Security Information Management in a superordinate control center

MPL Alarm & Communicatie Centrale B.V. is based in Barneveld/Netherlands, providing remote alarm management for hundreds of European end customers from various business sectors of different sizes, e.g. real estate, healthcare, logistics or parking. MPL offers a “platform as a service” solution, i.e. remote security and building control. In particular tenants of large buildings or premises have to control an ever increasing number of technical systems, but they also have to provide related services, e.g. security management, access control, reception and telephone services. Instead of hiring physical personnel, MPL offers building tenants or managers the possibility to rely on a 24/7 remote service based on a monthly fee. This leads to significant cost savings, but also ensures that sensitive tasks are taken over by a qualified service provider available day and night. As an official alarm centre, MPL is under supervision of the Ministry of Justice which means that it is certified by annual audits performed by an independent institute with regard to continuity, cyber crime prevention, fulfilment of GDPR regulations, etc.

To be able to supply a unified monitoring for its customers, MPL required an overall platform to manage alarm and event messages triggered by technical systems of different manufacturers. The processing of these events should be based on intelligent, individual and comprehensive workflows. The open PSIM platform WinGuard from Advancis provides the perfect solution for the MPL alarm centre, as it offers both a vendor-neutral software for command and control of all technical systems installed at the customer’s site as well as detailed reports and the additional possibility to integrate a business intelligence tool to check and improve relevant efficiency factors.

The MPL control centre offers security and building management services. The Software as a Service (SaaS) solution is based on Microsoft Azure. WinGuard servers and location servers are provided in the cloud, this ensures access to all integrated subsystems. Customers can connect their existing security infrastructure with the cloud environment of MPL to guarantee optimal availability, cost efficiency and security. Customers profit from cost transparency and a scalable solution without the need for investment. Microsoft Azure and WinGuard support the customers in digital transformation and collect previously unused data by linking the infrastructure, detectors and sensors with each other.

  • Integration of a business intelligence tool for data evaluation
  • Over 25,000 data points (steadily increasing)
  • More than 15 WinGuard workstations
  • 5 Location Servers
  • Several Hot Standby Servers
  • CCTV as a cloud solution
  • Access control as a cloud solution
  • Various fire detection systems of different manufacturers
  • Various intercom systems of different manufacturers
  • Direct telephone interface
  • Building management technology
  • Time control for planned disablements
  • Integration of a Business Intelligence Tool
    for data evaluation

The System Concept – WinGuard is the perfect control center solution

The MPL control centre is an alarm management and communication centre System advantages using the WinGuard PSIM platform as a hosted solution, supporting hundreds of business and private clients in remote security and building management applications. MPL’s goal is to receive and process all event messages occurring at the customers’ sites using predefined workflows. These event messages can be e.g. CCTV, intrusion, fire or access control alarms, but also notifications of building-related systems such as parking management and telephone services, air conditioning, pumps, temperature regulation and CO monitoring. By opting for a hosted WinGuard solution, MPL functions as a full service alarm centre, supported by an architecture in an Azure environment. MPL manages all customer data centrally on the WinGuard servers. A designated data section is provided to each customer to which only he himself has access. Customers with several locations also have the possibility to organise their property management centrally in order to save time and money. Whenever this is not possible, WinGuard provides a global solution due to the full integration of all technical systems on site. It constantly monitors any changes of variable status in all connected devices, such changes automatically trigger an event creation in the system. Event notifications are immediately transferred to the MPL control centre where MPL checks whether there is a real alarm on site, e.g. by viewing the live CCTV images from the alarm area that are automatically displayed in the WinGuard interface in case of a fire alarm, and ensures that all appropriate actions are taken to resolve the situation.

With WinGuard, MPL offers a management solution which is both flexible and scalable so that the customer has the choice to either realise surveillance via their local control room or they can simply switch control to MPL at the press of a button to take over monitoring anytime on a 24/7 basis. As a consultancy organisation, MPL additionally provides data evaluation services with regard to sustainability, health, predictive maintenance and building efficiency, based on the use of a business intelligence tool. The huge data amounts collected during the surveillance of customers’ sites are used for analysis, process improvements and real time dashboards via the tool “MyOPSView”. The evaluated data provides valuable insight into the performance of all systems installed in the monitored buildings (KPIs). For example, the energy usage of heating and air conditioning systems is recorded separately, visualised as clear graphics for each floor and documented. Together with the information from the access control system, e.g. when the first people enter the building in the morning and leave it in the evening, the energy usage can be adapted accordingly by switching off the air condition at a specific time when it is recognised that e.g. on Friday, most people leave the building earlier. This avoids un neccessary consumption of limited resources and optimises the building’s energy footprint. MPL’s customers can of course access all data themselves too in order to jointly realise the most optimal solution for the management of a specific location.

System advantages

  • As a vendor-neutral PSIM platform, WinGuard integrates technical systems of different manufacturers
  • Unified, user-friendly operation of all technical systems
  • Redundancy concepts to ensure high availability of the system
  • Visualisation of fault messages as well as immediate initiation of actions to minimize downtimes
  • Automatic interaction of different connected technical systems
  • Comprehensive data analysis options
  • SQL event export for further data processing via third party tools
  • KPI monitoring: Optimisation of buildings’ energy footprints
  • Seamless and legally compliant documentation of all security-relevant processes

Homogeneous User Interface – WinGuard integrates all connected systems

Control center monitoring

The MPL control center has five WinGuard workstations and, in addition to the management of its customers’ sites, MPL also monitors its own premises using WinGuard PSIM. For example, if the doorbell rings, the intercom system automatically sends a signal to display the video images of the front door environment to the responsible operator. To grant MPL’s registered personnel or visitors access, the operator can digitally open the first door to provide entry to the door lock, close it again automatically and then open the second door.

Data mining and dashboard

For various customers, MPL records their energy consumption, e.g. values from the heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems. Via the business intelligence tool “MyOPSView”, the usage statistics are displayed in trend graphics and a workflow is started if set values are exceeded, e.g. in case of a non-manned office at night time, the air conditioning will be switched off automatically. Due to statistic reports that can be easily created based on these values, the tenants are supported in the calculation of the monthly service charges.

Parking management

Lots of the customers’ sites monitored by the MPL alarm centre use parking management systems. Via the direct connection to WinGuard, the operator does not only see how many spaces are still available, but there is also a direct linkage to the fire alarm and lighting control systems. In case of a fire alarm, the entries are blocked (the barriers will not open anymore) whereas the exit barriers are opened automatically and the lighting is increased to 100 % so that people can quickly find their way out of the garage.

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