Henkel – Eine WinGuard Erfolgsgeschichte


"It was our intention to continue working with different manufacturers of technical security and building management system in order to always remain independent. Therefore, WinGuard as a vendor-neutral Physical Security Information Management System offered the optimal solution, as it integrates the comprehensive infrastructure of our location. In addition, the available communication and incident management systems are linked as well, which is important for both a quick event processing in case of emergency as well as for daily operation of an industrial plant. The high availability of WinGuard as well as its comprehensive reporting functions are further decisive advantages."
Peter Giesen
Peter Giesen
Head of Corporate Emergency Dispatch and Service Center

The Challenge – Comprehensive security in a chemical industrial plant

Henkel operates globally with a well-balanced and diversified portfolio. The company holds leading positions with its three business units in both industrial and consumer businesses  thanks to strong brands, innovations and technologies. Henkel Adhesive Technologies is the global leader in the adhesives market – across all industry segments worldwide. In its Laundry & Home Care and Beauty Care businesses, Henkel holds leading positions in many markets and categories around the world. Founded in 1876, Henkel looks back on more than 140 years of success. Henkel employs more than 50,000 people globally.

The challenge was the creation of an emergency and service control center in order to ensure comprehensive security in the Düsseldorf plant as well as throughout the entire group. The different technologies at the Düsseldorf location had to be made operable in a uniform way and the workflows of factory security, plant fire brigade and corporate security had to be optimized.

  • WinGuard Enterprise Server
  • WinGuard Hot Standby Server
  • 1 Interface Server
  • 19 WinGuard Workstations
  • Bosch-UGM 2020 Universal Security System
  • Siemens FS20-, SigmaSysC/M- and
    Esser/Honeywell IQ8 Fire Alarm System
  • Telenot Intrusion Detection System
  • Schneider Intercom
  • Geutebrück and Siemens SiVMS CCTV
  • Siemens P5 Perimeter Systems
  • Diverse Couplings via OPC Client
  • Scheuschner Incident Management System „Dalles 3“

The System Concept – WinGuard is the comprehensive solution

In addition to the classic risk of a fire, there are lots of other challenges in chemical industry that require high security precautions, such as e.g. unauthorized access to specific areas, but also failure of technical infrastructure such as building automation. As an independent and vendor-neutral Physical Security Information Management System, WinGuard offers an integration platform for processing of all events that are registered by the connected security, building management as well as information systems.

Event messages issued by the fire and intrusion detection as well as access control systems, video cameras, but e.g. also temperature surveillance of the server room are displayed in a well-visible user interface so that all linked systems can be managed in a uniform way. Guided workflows help the user to initiate the appropriate measures in order to prevent potential failures, for switching to fallback levels or to schedule preventive maintenance at technical systems. In case of an incoming event message, both the local control center as well as responsible personnel on site in the plant is informed by telephone. In addition, WinGuard enables forwarding of automatic actions to other systems, e.g. video systems, including surveillance and complete storage of all performed actions. At the Henkel site Düsseldorf, there is a perimeter protection over a length of 7 km, combined with video surveillance. In case of an event, the alarm can be evaluated in WinGuard and, if required, be escalated to an emergency response. Due to the connection of WinGuard to incident management systems, this process is very user-friendly so that emergency forces and resources can be provided immediately. By outsourcing of building automation, light and door control, public address announcements and intercom calls, it is ensured that the security control center only focuses on the relevant events.

In addition to Düsseldorf, it is easily possible to connect further Henkel locations to WinGuard in the future, so that, according to the requirements, control of all systems can be taken over either by the local or superordinated control center. With WinGuard, maintenance of the connected systems can be efficiently organized, for example using the “Control Operations” module, offering a reliable control management, e.g. for disablement and reactivation of fire detectors during welding works.

High redundancy is realized by a backup and interface server. Each system is connected redundantly so that, even in case of a failure in IT infrastructure, monitoring by the control center is still possible.

  • As a vendor-neutral system, WinGuard
    integrates all available technical subsystems,
    e.g. intrusion and fire detection
    system, video surveillance and perimeter
  • Uniform, user-friendly operation of all
    technical systems
  • Redundancy concepts to ensure high
    availability of the system
  • Visualization of fault messages as well as
    immediate initiation of actions to minimize
  • Automatization of daily disablements
    and reactivations of detector groups and
    detectors in different plants by WinGuard
  • Monitoring of IT infrastructure by
    WinGuard as basis for the total security
  • Seamless and legally compliant documentation
    of all security-relevant processes
  • Organizational integration into cross-domain
    security concepts, transmission
    of events to the incident management

Homogeneous user interface – WinGuard integrates all connected systems

Alarm visualization

The alarms by different systems (fire/intrusion detection system, video system, etc.) are visualized in a uniform way in the user interface. In addition, the user receives a detailed action text including location- and system-specific information, e.g. access route and information about hazardous substances. Localization in the large plant grounds is easily possible and the
responsibilities of the personnel are displayed. Furthermore, there is a detailed graphic display; in addition, infinite zoom is possible due to AutoCAD-DWG.

Monitoring of infrastructure

The complex system structure is displayed by the user interface in a simplified way. The user receives an overview about the status of the system components and of important network elements (online/offline/failure etc.). In addition, the bottlenecks/single point of failures of the IT infrastructure are displayed.

Mobile workstations

Mobile devices with an optimized touch screen interface enable easy processing of daily business (e.g. intercom calls). Quick access to functions such as evacuation, activation of floodlight, opening of garage doors for patrol cars etc. facilitate daily operation. By using mobile devices, it is of course also possible to take the total interface to the backup control center of the fire brigade.

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