Dominikus-Ringeisen-Werk – A WinGuard Success Story


"Since we care for about 5,000 people in need of help at over 30 locations in Bavaria, who in case of emergency – e.g. in the event of a fire – cannot act independently, we have decided to implement a PSIM System. Due to the management and updating of the fire brigade route maps via WinGuard, our site fire brigade can now find their targeted way to the fire without any loss of time. In addition, WinGuard makes it easier to inform personnel in the event of possible malfunctions of the building management systems so that these can be remedied as quickly as possible."
Michael Joas
Michael Joas
Fire Prevention Officer/ Head of Sister & Site Fire Brigade

The Challenge – Security management in assisted living facilities

The Dominikus-Ringeisen-Werk was founded in Ursberg/Bavaria in 1884. In the Bavarian administrative districts of Swabia, Lower Franconia and Upper Bavaria at over 30 locations, the Dominikus-Ringeisen-Werk currently accompanies around 5,000 people with an intellectual disability, with learning disabilities, with multiple disabilities, with sensory disabilities, autism, acquired brain damage, mental illness and elderly people. Around 900 people with disabilities live in Ursberg, at the place of foundation and the headquarters of the church foundation. More than 4,500 employees work for the Dominikus-Ringeisen-Werk. The core competences of the Dominikus-Ringeisen-Werk are housing offers for people with disabilities and people in old age, outpatient and open assistance in numerous counties, workshops for handicapped people, special education centres, special education schools, early support, school preparation facilities, school support and a vocational training centre for 20 training occupations. In addition, there are advice and service centres, an office for easy language/assisted communication and a medical care centre as well as technical schools for curative education and geriatric care in Ursberg.

The Dominikus-Ringeisen Werk builds and acquires more and more local and community-integrated residential buildings. To facilitate the management of these buildings, the security and building management systems installed there are controlled in a unified way via a control centre

  • WinGuard Professional Server
  • 5 WinGuard-clients
  • 13.800 datapoints
  • Esser fire alarm systems
  • Emergency lighting as well as personal emergency signal systems
  • Nurse call/patient call
  • CT Connect phone system coupling
  • Linkage to the radio communications
  • FactoryLink and GLT Desigo Insights building
    management systems

The system concept – WinGuard is the integrated solution

In Ursberg, the Dominikus-Ringeisen-Werk has a sister and site fire brigade that is directly on site in case of an alarm. On average the site fire brigade has between 50 and 70 firefighting operations per year. In 2017 it had to move out to 27 missions. Luckily, these were in most cases false alarms caused by e.g. burnt food or steam. For the protection of the residents and the employees, the Dominikus-Ringeisen-Werk decided to control all security systems installed in the buildings centrally via WinGuard. The PSIM system enables the management of all fire detectors via a unified user interface. For example, the maintenance cycles of each detector can be checked. During maintenance works, individual detectors or detector groups can be automatically switched off or activated again. The technical employees of the Dominikus-Ringeisen-Werk maintain the WinGuard application themselves. In particular the fire brigade routing cards for firefighting on site as well as the plans of the individual buildings always have to be kept up to date. The current route maps are automatically displayed and printed for the site fire brigade via WinGuard. This enables the emergency services to directly detect inaccessible areas such as e.g. during renovation works in the house or locked rooms and to navigate to the fire location without any loss of time.

In the event of a fire, the fire brigade is alerted and in parallel, the nursing staff at the Dominikus-Ringeisen-Werk are also provided with the required information for evacuation as soon as possible. The curative education nurses can either be informed by direct calls to wards or residential groups or via the automatic alarm on the used DECT telephones. This automatic notification function is also applied when searching for missing residents. In addition to the security-relevant systems, the building management technology is also integrated in WinGuard. Here, for example, fault messages with regard to the heating or ventilation system are automatically forwarded to the technician in charge so that the malfunction can be rectified promptly.

  • As a vendor-neutral PSIM platform,
    WinGuard integrates all installed technical
    subsystems, e.g. fire alarm system,
    building management systems and nurse
  • Unified, user-friendly operation of all
    technical systems
  • Redundancy concepts to ensure high
    availability of the system
  • Visualisation of fault messages as well as
    immediate initiation of actions to minimize
  • Automation of daily disablements and
    re-armings of detector groups and detectors
    via WinGuard
  • Seamless and legally compliant documentation
    of all security-relevant processes
  • Organisational integration into comprehensive
    security concepts
  • Maintenance of the WinGuard system by
    own employees

Homogeneous user interface – WinGuard integrates all connected systems

SMS alarm

In case of malfunctions of the building management systems, different groups of persons have to be notified by SMS using the WinGuard module “Operator alarm”. Via the internal address book, heating, air conditioning or ventilation technicians are directly informed and this process is logged in WinGuard. Another application of the SMS alarm is the resident search. All curative education nurses of the surrounding buildings are automatically informed to find a missing person quickly.

Alarm visualisation

Around 5,000 people in need live in the Dominikus-Ringeisen-Werk. These people are often not able to act properly in case of a fire alarm. Therefore nursing staff and the fire brigade have to execute the evacuation together. Via WinGuard, the route cards are automatically printed out at the fire brigade so that they can immediately drive to the place of operation. Due to the central administration and updating of the route cards in WinGuard, the help period has been reduced considerably

Mobile patient call system

At night not all residential groups are manned with nursing staff so that help calls are automatically sent via WinGuard to the DECT devices of all nurses who are currently in the house. This ensures that there is an immediate response to the patient call.

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