Borghi dell’Eremo – A WinGuard Success Story

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Borghi dell'Eremo

"Our resort covers more than 500 hectares as in addition to suites and restaurant rooms, there are extensive outdoor areas such as gardens, a pool area, a rooftop terrace, playgrounds as well as a reserve park. In particular with regard to the well-being and peace of mind of our guests, we considered it important to create the best security conditions, allowing us to manage all facilities and to control all our technical systems via a single integration platform. Advancis with its software platform WinGuard is our ideal partner. Not only all technical systems we use have been integrated in the platform, but we also remain flexible with regard to future hardware extensions."
Paolo Galletti
Paolo Galletti

The Challenge – Optimal security and building management in accommodation areas

The history of the “Borghi dell’Eremo” resort started long time ago, when the ancient paths on the ridges of the hills at the foot of Monte Arale guaranteed the Etruscan populations moving between the lucumonies of Chiusi and Perugia a safe passage. It is assumed that before the foundation of the Benedictine abbey called San Giovanni dell’Eremo which is attributed by historical sources to around the 12th century, a fortified place of the Byzantine corridor boundary line (between the 6th and 8th centuries AD) was located on the same area.

Over the centuries, the owners of the premises changed several times. In the 20th century, the Galletti family became the owner of Borghi dell’Eremo. In 2010, the Galletti family began to renovate the entire estate with enormous passion and dedication. Target was to turn the premises into a modern resort. They started with the farm, first reintroducing the livestock, then
recovering the hundreds of olive trees that were in a state of abandonment and planting new fruit trees and crops, in addition to the enhancement of the ancient hunting reserve.

Subsequently, the recovery of ‘La Crocicchia’, an exclusive location for events and weddings, began. The first parts of the resort became operational in 2015. In 2021, the San Giovanni dell’Eremo project as new part of the Borghi dell’Eremo resort saw the light of day, with the recovery of the ancient abbey and the adjoining farmhouse to create a hospitality, catering and wellness area. This elegant location has opened its doors to Italian and international guests, attracted by the beauty of the surroundings and the originality of the project. It offers elegant hospitality, putting human relations and the quality of services first. In addition, guests can enjoy an extraordinary reinterpretation of the Umbrian cuisine.

The Borghi dell’Eremo resort is in continuous expansion and redevelopment. To facilitate the management of the large estate, the owners decided to manage all installed security and building management systems via a control center, two clients as well as mobile devices.

Security Accomedation areas
  • 3 WinGuard clients
  • 1,600 datapoints
  • Hikvision CCTV thermal System
  • Modbus IP
  • Notification module
  • Connection to building management system
  • Connection to hotel and SPA system
  • Forest fire-fighting system
  • Interface to water supply
  • control and irrigation

The System Concept – WinGuard is the comprehensive solution

The Borghi dell’Eremo extends over more than 500 hectares and consists of a luxury resort with SPA, a location for events and weddings, an educational farm as well as a vast territory with woods and plantations including adjoining farms and a hunting reserve. For the protection of guests, employees and the premises, the owners of the estate – the Galletti family – decided to control all security and further technical systems installed on the property via the centralized integration platform WinGuard. The PSIM software allows to visualize and control all connected subsystems through a unified and clear user interface. Individual workflows for all daily and emergency processes in the resort were drawn up and implemented in
WinGuard so that in case of an alarm, the safety and security of both employees and guests is ensured.

Particular attention was paid to the control of the wide-spread premises by using optical/thermal pointers which guarantee early detection of fire outbreaks in a radius of up to 6 km around the resort. Furthermore, intrusion alarm and emergency systems as well as vehicle management are fully integrated in WinGuard. In addition, building management technology such as HVAC and the complete reservation system are connected to WinGuard too so that not only security is ensured for this comprehensive site, but the personnel has to work with one user interface only to control security, bulding management and organizational processes.

With regard to regular maintenance works or error messages relating to the heating or ventilation system, the status of electrical switches and the water supplies, WinGuard offers a comfortable solution. Corresponding information is automatically sent to the technicians in charge on site so that malfunctions are repaired promptly. Reports are generated by WinGuard and sent back to the control room.

The advantages of the system

  • As a vendor-neutral PSIM platform, WinGuard integrates all installed technical
    subsystems, e.g. security, building management and the reception system
  • Interface to water supply and irrigation control
  • Unified and intuitive operation of all technical systems
  • Redundancy concepts for high system availability
  • Display of error messages and immediate initiation of actions to minimize downtimes
  • Continuous, legally compliant documentation of all security-relevant processes
  • Planned maintenance reminders

Homogeneous user interface – WinGuard integrates all connected systems


Control of water reserves

At the Borghi dell’Eremo in Itlay, special attention is paid to controlling the levels of wells and reservoirs. WinGuard enables a constant monitoring of water availability including the saving of reserves and the optimization of irrigation cycles via timely warnings and targeted workflows. The max. capacity of the large tank is currently 75 cubic meters; the entire supply reaches 200 cubic meters, with an expansion project up to 300 cubic meters. A daily reserve of some tens of cubic meters, divided between four cisterns, is used for sanitary use and for the irrigation system. The remaining reserve is kept for the fire extinguishing system.


Dynamic fire prevention

Thermal imaging cameras with pointer are used to detect thermal anomalies before a fire starts, identifying triggers that could indicate a potential problem. The system provides a detection range of up to 6 km, allowing firefighting teams to intervene quickly. Dynamic fire detection based on Hikvision’s deep learning technology is a feature of the cameras that harness Big Data for security purposes. As the CCTV system which collects global climate information is integrated seamlessly into WinGuard, highest possible fire detection accuracy is achieved. False alarms are reliably differentiated from real alarms at a very early stage.

Home automation

Home automation for hotel facilities

The Borghi dell’Eremo uses an intelligent home automation system specifically designed for hotel facilities, enabling automated check-in and check-out, lighting management as well as colour therapy scenarios, shower alarms and suite-SPA management. This system is fully integrated in WinGuard for comprehensive and direct control. In addition, the detailed reporting via WinGuard can be used to create energy-saving scenarios whilst maintaining maximum comfort in both hotel rooms and public areas of the resort.

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