IronYun is a new WinGuard Premium Technology Partner

November 16, 2023 – 📢  We are pleased to welcome IronYun as a new Premium Technology Partner in the WinGuard community. IronYun is a private US company that has been at the forefront of advanced AI video analytics for eight years. Teir Vaidio AI Vision Platform is designed for physical security and safety, access control, traffic monitoring, loss prevention, operational and business intelligence applications. Due to the recent full integration in the open PSIM platform WinGuard, Vaidio alerts can be efficiently managed within WinGuard, in accordance with established workflows. 💬 Paul Sun, President and CEO at IronYun, states: “Our partnership with Advancis, coupled with the seamless integration in WinGuard, empowers us to provide customers with an exceptional solution that transcends our previous offerings. By uniting our two technologies, we deliver highly-effective support in event management for our customers, leading to enormous cost savings.”

With the integration of the IronYun Vaidio solution into Advancis’ open integration platform WinGuard, we are offering our customers a comprehensive range of solutions by combining state-of-the-art flexible and scalable Vaidio video analytics technology with vendor-neutral security, communication and IoT management,” affirmed David Teppe, Head of Strategic Alliances at Advancis. “Vaidio integrates seamlessly with WinGuard to accelerate and scale intelligence across real-time, forensic, and video data applications. These applications include intrusion detection, person and vehicle counting, face and license plate recognition for instance.”

Advancis warmly welcomes this new addition to its Premium Partner Technology community and looks forward to the further close collaboration with IronYun.

🔎 You can find more information about the integration here.

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