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IronYun – Vaidio

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Intrusion Detection System, Perimeter Protection, Video Analytics
Company Profile

IronYun® is a private US company that has been at the forefront of advanced AI video analytics for eight years. Customers in more than 40 countries around the world have deployed IronYun’s Vaidio® AI Vision Platform in physical security, physical safety, access control, traffic monitoring, loss prevention, operational, and business intelligence applications. IronYun is recognized as a “Major Player” in IDC 2021 and 2022 MarketScapes for Video Analytics and Video Analytics as a Service. IronYun’s mission is to lead the market with evolved, accurate, cost-efficient, and field-proven Vaidio AI for a safer, smarter world. Vaidio Partner Channel Europe In Europe, the Vaidio platform is represented by the Dutch company VAIBS, based in Ermelo.

Product Description

The Vaidio® AI Vision Platform offers more than 30 advanced AI video analytics functions to add a layer of superhuman intelligence and market leading accuracy to existing camera and video infrastructure. The Vaidio Platform is built on evolved and field-proven artificial intelligence to offer greater accuracy, alert speed, functionality and cost efficiency.

Vaidio works with almost any IP camera, integrates with dozens of VMSs, and scales from 1 to 1,000s of cameras. Vaidio supports dozens of a la carte AI video analytics including video search, intrusion detection, license plate recognition, face search and recognition, people and vehicle counting, object left behind and object removal, weapon, smoke, fire and PPE detection, multi-region thermal camera analytics, and more.

  • 30+ AI-enabled Video Analytics

  • The Vaidio platform supports 30+ à la carte AI video analytics functions (and counting) to meet the needs of every user. Multiple analytics can be applied to a single camera.

  • Camera agnostic

  • Vaidio works with any ONVIF IP camera.

  • 35+ integrations

  • Vaidio integrates with more than 35 third-party software systems, including the most common NVR, VMS, PSIM and care call systems. High-end level-3 integration is available with WinGuard.

  • Reduces false alerts

  • With advanced AI algorithms, Vaidio can identify complex behaviors and filter out false alerts.

  • Flexible deployment

  • Vaidio can be deployed on-prem, in the cloud, at the edge, and in hybrid environments.

Joint Solution

Advancis partners with IronYun to provide Vaidio, an AI-enabled video analytics platform that works with existing surveillance infrastructure to maximize accuracy and performance. Vaidio integrates seamlessly with WinGuard to accelerate and scale intelligence across real-time, forensic, and video data applications. These applications include intrusion detection, person and vehicle counting, face and license plate recognition, vehicle make and model, loitering, crowding, PPE, weapon and smoke.


245 Amity Rd, Suite 208 Woodbridge, CT 06525

Technical support:
Email: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +31 (0)85 4873031

Lokhorstweg 28, 3851 SE, Ermelo, The Netherlands

Sales & Support:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +31 (0)85 4873 031

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IronYun – Vaidio

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