New Premium Technology Partner Geutebrück

May 10, 2023 – “We are pleased to welcome Geutebrück as a new Premium Technology Partner in the WinGuard community. Geutebrück is an international provider of intelligent and user-friendly video security software and hardware. WinGuard from Advancis is a single “pane-of-glass” for situational awareness, from building management controls to security systems, suitable for one or multiple sites. Geutebrück’s proven and trusted video management system augments this capability with a best-in-class solution,” comments David Teppe, Head of Strategic Alliances at Advancis.

Martin Stahl, Head of Product Management, Geutebrück, explains: “WinGuard from Advancis is known for its highly versatile, vendor-neutral security and building management solution, and is an ideal match for Geutebrück’s G-Core video management. Geutebrück’s technology, analytics, and artificial intelligence enables customers to choose the video security solution that suits their requirements. They can rely on a system that provides fast and convenient access to needed video and associated business data. Third-party systems can be easily integrated, as well as offering native built in video analytics options such as license plate recognition, perimeter protection, and more.”

Fields of application are such as airports, logistic hubs, critical infrastructure, large city-wide surveillance, and industrial plants that need optimal situational awareness and protection against intrusion, sabotage, and liability. Along with security, they also benefit from the opportunity to optimize work processes with video detection and artificial intelligence (AI).

Further information about the integration here.

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