Geutebrück – G-Core

Geutebrück – G-Core

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Geutebrück is an international provider of intelligent and user-friendly video security software and hardware. Customers from all over the world use our systems in many important areas such as museums, critical infrastructure, large city-wide surveillance and industrial plants that need optimal situational awareness and protection against intrusion, sabotage, and liability. Along with security, they also benefit from the opportunity to optimize work processes with video detection and artificial intelligence (AI). You can rely on our software to analyze and store video from hundreds to thousands of video cameras, with the ability to retrieve decisive video within seconds at the touch of a button. All in full compliance with the strict rules of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our proprietary GBF image format, is recognized as reliable evidence by courts around the world, including the USA.

Product Description

G-Core manages your video images and is the base for an optimally customizable complete solution. The system can be used as a stand-alone unit or expanded to any size and complexity by linking several G-Core systems. The range of features is customized to meet your specific requirements via selectable options. As an open platform, G-Core provides access to many integrations with third-party systems. The integration of neural networks allows the analysis of image data using artificial intelligence. G-Core is especially easy to use and intuitive to operate. The easy-to-use interface for handling live or recorded video can be customized to the individual needs of each user. A separate set up interface, controls rights for individual users/ user groups and locations. All of this is done in the background and protects sensitive data from unauthorized access. The privacy needs of your video application and employees are always guaranteed by anonymizing individual image sections or movements.

  • Scalable solutions, from small to large installations, including automatic failover and redundancy

  • Database system that supports very large storage volumes, optimized for fast and convenient access to needed video data, with smooth, jitter-free playback performance.
  • Time-synchronized, smooth playback of multiple camera channels
  • Comprehensive solutions for data protection (e.g. privacy masking, watermarking, etc.) as well as court accepted, tamper-proof Geutebrück archive format (GBF)

Joint Solution

WinGuard is a single “pane-of-glass” for situational awareness, from building management controls to security systems, suitable for one or multiple sites. Geutebrück’s proven and trusted VMS augments this capability with a best-in-class solution, providing native and supporting 3rd party video feeds and analytics, linked with aggregated data for fast video verification and evidence. Integrated into WinGuard’s customizable dashboard, it provides a powerful utility for internal business processes.


Geutebrück GmbH
Im Nassen 7-9
53578 Windhagen

Phone: +49 2645 1370
Telefax: +49 2645 137999
Email: [email protected]

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Geutebrück – G-Core

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