Anniversary: MPL has been an Advancis partner for ten years

In the photo from left to right: Jan Meiswinkel / CEO Advancis, Marcel Lenters / Managing Director MPL, Peter Lenters / COO MPL, Michel Noort / Managing Director Advancis Netherlands and Joost Samsom / Account Manager Advancis Netherlands

December 07, 2023 – MPL Alarm & Communicatie Centrale B.V., based in Barneveld/Netherlands, has been an important part of our success story for over a decade. The MPL control center is an alarm management and communication center equipped with the WinGuard platform, which supports thousands of business and private customers in the field of security and building management. MPL thus offers a cloud-based management solution that is both flexible and scalable. This means that the customer can either use their local control center or simply let MPL take over complete control and monitoring at the touch of a button, at any time around the clock. In a personal meeting, Advancis representatives recognized MPL’s outstanding performance in the context of the long-standing partnership. “The passion, commitment and expertise that MPL’s employees have shown in the joint projects have made a significant contribution to establishing WinGuard as one of the leading PSIM solutions on the market. We look forward to many more years together,” says Jan Meiswinkel.

As a sign of recognition, Advancis CEO Jan Meiswinkel, Michel Noort, Managing Director Advancis Netherlands BV and Joost Samsom, Account Manager Advancis Netherlands BV presented MPL Managing Director Marcel Lenters and MPL COO Peter Lenters with the new silver status as certified Control Room Partner.

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