WinGuard X3 End of Life (EOL) & End of Support (EOS)

After more than six years of continuously developing functional updates for WinGuard X3, WinGuard X4 was released in May 2018. WinGuard X4 provides comprehensive revisions and lots of new functions.

To be able to focus completely on further development, we announce the end of life and therefore also end of support for the WinGuard X3 version as of 31 March 2020. As of this date, we cannot provide support for X3 any longer, even in case of problem reports. Since May 2018, new functions and adapter module extensions and developments have only been published in the X4 version.

Until 31 March 2020, Advancis will of course continue to analyse reported problems and to resolve them. In case it is not possible to realise a solution in X3 at all or only with considerable additional effort, Advancis may request to update to the current WinGuard X4 release.

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