We are in the final of the GIT Security AWARD 2023

May 25, 2022 – The voting for the GIT Security Award 2023 has started. We are pleased that our new product “Advanced Identity Manager” (AIM) has been nominated by a neutral jury in the category D “Access Control & Intruder Alarm”.

AIM is an innovative software platform for consolidated identity management which is being marketed internationally on a project-related basis by Advancis. Several independent access control systems from different manufacturers can be synchronised easily, securely and across locations using the Advanced Identity Manager. AIM acts as a superordinate “information broker” between the individual access control systems and thus enables cross-system data exchange.

With AIM, each employee ideally receives only one access control card (badge) and can use this to pass through all areas that have been activated for him, regardless of which access control system or location he or she has to verify himself against. AIM enables the continued use of existing access solutions without having to give up the advantages of standardised processes and central data maintenance.

The use of AIM and the associated harmonisation significantly reduces the management effort for initial administration and ongoing maintenance of user profiles and group rights in companies with a heterogeneous system landscape. The logical and physical identity of an employee, together with the relevant technical parameters of an access control card (badge), is synchronised via AIM across all connected systems and ensured anytime. Thanks to AIM’s cross-system information exchange, users only need to be administered at one point in the system network (e.g. initially as part of the IT administration in the Active Directory). This means that personal user/identity/ and group rights can be defined centrally according to the employee’s function or role and rolled out across multiple systems. Using standardised (PLAI) and proprietary adapters, AIM enables connection to various access control systems. In addition, third-party systems such as HR tools and visitor management systems can also be connected. The persons managed here are automatically synchronised by AIM with the connected systems (access control system & active directories).

Currently, AIM is being marketed internationally by Advancis on a project basis. Please find more information about AIM here.

We need your vote to win the award! Please select AIM in category D – we appreciate your support.

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