SPELL Event in Mainz

July 7, 2023 – Research project SPELL – Semantic Platform for Intelligent Decision and Operations Support in Control Centers and Situation Centers: On 05 July 2023, the current project status was presented in Mainz. As one of the 12 project partners, Advancis was on site as part of the demonstration of a major incident in a large chemical industry plant.

SPELL focuses in particular on the integration of artificial intelligence to improve emergency response. Via the interaction of the various parties involved using the central SPELL platform, e.g. AI-based text modules are generated for faster processing of an emergency call or due to the direct integration of weather data and scenarios, it becomes immediately apparent to the control center when exactly a toxic smoke cloud will reach a residential area. Therefore an evacuation can be realized precisely. Advancis integrates sensor data from security, building management and communication technology in near real-time to achieve a significant gain in information and time for situation management.

We would like to thank all technology partners for their collaboration regarding SPELL.

Further information about our research project SPELL here.

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