PROTECTOR Award 2018 – Vote now for Advancis!



For the sixth time, PROTECTOR & WIK as well as present the award for security technology. With its functional module “Control Operations”, Advancis is one of the candidates for the PROTECTOR Award 2018 in the category Physical Security Information Management.

Advancis offers the functional module “Control Operations”, enabling reliable control management of security-technology systems (arm/disarm, disablements/re-enablements, revision on/off, etc.). If, for example, fire detectors are not disabled during the execution of welding works, false alarms might be triggered. If the re-enablement after completion of works is forgotten, the non-detection of a real fire would have drastic impact.
Therefore, the complete process should be digitalized with the help of the module. Via web forms, the disablement and re-enablement can be requested. Furthermore, all involved parties have online access anytime to the control operations planning or the current detector status.  In the defined period, the target status will be monitored, so that third parties cannot perform any unnoticed changes directly at the systems.
The module serves for reduction of false alarms and for the secure detection of hazardous situations, so that also costs and resources for unnecessary operations will be saved. An effective process chain is the result. Due to the reduced communication and the digitalized processes, the personnel in the control center can concentrate on important alarms and emergencies.
Vote here for the innovative functional module “Control Operations” by Advancis” The voting is still possible until 08 June 2018.

Many thanks in advance for your vote!


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