New Premium Technology Partner PCS

June 9, 2023 – Today, we are pleased to welcome PCS as a new Premium Technology Partner in the WinGuard community. PCS Systemtechnik is a leading German manufacturer of hardware and software for access control, time and attendance tracking. PCS offers professional solutions for building security across all industries and company sizes.

The solutions WinGuard and DEXICON from PCS complement each other perfectly in the further processing of alarms: events from the access control software DEXICON arrive directly in the security control center of WinGuard and can be processed there by the security staff. The interaction of both solutions provides users with an active security solution that enables fast reactions in case of emergency.

💬 Stephan Roth, Product Manager Software and Videosurveillance of PCS, explains: “The trend is towards networking of all applications. This applies particularly to the topic of building security, where all trades must work together for effective protection. That is why cooperation with Advancis is very important to us: through the adapter with WinGuard, noticeable events from access control are visualized and trigger quick reactions as alarms.”

🔎 More information about the joint solution here.

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