New Premium Technology Partner Hexagon

March 17, 2023 – Advancis works closely with international technology partners. More than 500 adapters to systems of various manufacturers offer today the greatest possible flexibility for the selection or update of subsystems (fire/intrusion alarm system, video, access, etc.). The performance spectrum of the respective systems is always fully integrated into the Open Integration Platform WinGuard. Today, we are pleased to welcome Hexagon as a new Premium Technology Partner in the WinGuard community. Hexagon is a global leader in digital reality solutions, combining sensor, software and autonomous technologies.

Carl Thomas Schneider, VP Business Development, Hexagon, explains: “Hexagon’s 3D surveillance strategy enables the digital transformation from human dependent surveillance to autonomous detection of critical events. Our 3D Surveillance solution reduces the number of false alarms and adds a layer of security beyond what security personnel and traditional sensors provide. It doesn’t require security personnel to monitor many screens. This allows highest alarm reliability and cost reduction as on-site inspection rounds and permanent human surveillance becomes obsolete.”

“The Leica BLK247 is fully integrated into WinGuard, controlled from there and the detected alarm events are visualized and forwarded. Furthermore, the integrated Accur8vision software allows 3D visualization of alarms and other events in a digital twin,” adds David Teppe, Head of Strategic Alliances at Advancis.

More information about the integration here.

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