Advancis is “Top Employer 2019, medium sized companies”

Yourfirm, the leading online job portal for medium sized companies in Germany has awarded Advancis as “Top Employer 2019”. The aim of this award to put the advantages of medium sized companies in focus for job seekers and to help guide them towards the right employers. Many awards of this kind are based on a small survey but this highly sought after and unique award is based on the analysis of web behaviour from users searching over 60,000 job advertisements on over the year.

The metrics involved in the analysis include

  • the number of users that are reached on average by a company through its job advertisement and its company profile,
  • the percentage of users who actually read the content, i.e. spend a corresponding amount of time on this page
  • as well as the proportion of readers who execute an application-related action, e.g. by clicking on the “Apply now” link or on the company website link.

The first 1,000 employers with the best index receive the award “Top Employer 2019, medium sized companies”.

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