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Company Profile

TOA Corporation first invented the megaphone 80 years ago and is now a leading global manufacturer of cutting-edge commercial audio and security equipment, providing voice evacuation and professional acoustic solutions in over 120 countries. Founded 1934 in Kobe, Japan, TOA benefits from a long-term experience in research and development in the field of public address and audio systems. Our outstanding know-how guarantees quality of installation of TOA products and comprehensive customer satisfaction. Our solutions in each of the six business fields Voice Alarm, Intercom, ProSound, Distribution, Wireless and Conference Systems improve a secure communication and make audio entertainment more pleasant.

Product Description

The UC-4SC615 is a highly intelligible and compact horn speaker with built-in 15W digital power amplifier, microphone with PoE+ connectivity that provides public address announcement and remote paging via IP applications. This IP horn speaker can operate at extreme temperature. lt comes with powder-coated
finish and stainless steel screws to ensure its weatherproof capability. Ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor
application at restricted facilities, train stations, airports and many more.

  • Audio network adapter for transmitting audio and control signals via LAN

  • Integrated 15W power amplifier which utilizes the latest Class D technology
  • Built-in Microphone/USB port
  • Unicast: up to 4 locations, multicast: up to 64 locations
  • PoE+ standard
  • ONVIF & SIP compatible
  • Integration into IP CCTV systems is possible
  • Low cost operation

Joint Solution

The high-quality audio signals and control data of the TOA Network IP Audio Adapter are displayed in realtime via WinGuard. This is especially useful when transmitting audio signals to remote locations. Data types, commands and handled events can be individually customized. Audio streams can be started, ended, and displayed in the unified user interface, providing excellent support for the control centre operator.


Unit 7 & 8 Axis Centre, Cleeve Road
Leatherhead, KT22 7RD

Contact person for technical questions and sales enquiries:
email: [email protected]
phone: 0870 774 0986

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