TeleRadio – UV Colour Under Vehicle Surveillance System

TeleRadio – UV Colour Under Vehicle Surveillance System

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Company Profile

TeleRadio Engineering Pte Ltd is a global leader in vehicle screening solutions. Established in 1997, TeleRadio set out to build a reputation for high performance systems and comprehensive after-sales services. Today, we are trusted by clients in the defence, law enforcement, immigration, prison services, security and commercial business sectors. Our systems are installed at critical institutions worldwide, including Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. As a pioneer in the field, we understands the dynamic nature and changing demands of the industry. TeleRadio’s sustained excellence for over two decades is a testament to the company’s quality and reliability. We are committed to our mission of protecting people and properties against the security threats of today and tomorrow.

Product Description

UV Colour Under Vehicle Surveillance System adopts advanced image processing technology to provide a detailed inspection resulting format of high-resolution colour image of a vehicle’s undercarriage in seconds. The system enables security officers to scrutinize any under-vehicle explosive devices, contraband or suspicious items attached to the undercarriage of all vehicle types such as car, MPV, lorry or container truck. With the use of Vehicle Licence Plate Recognition System (VLPR), UV Colour automatically captures the plate number of vehicle upon entry and tagged the undercarriage image with its plate number to be saved into the database. Users can easily search or print out a copy of vehicle report when required.

  • High-Resolution Colour Undercarriage Image for inspection

  • Incorporated with Foreign Object Detection Feature
  • Capability to scan vehicle with speed up to 60km/hr
  • Available in Embedded Mount and Portable model
  • Flexibility in Customization and Future Upgrading
  • Seamless Integration with TeleRadio UVMS & VX-Ray as a Comprehensive Vehicle Screening System (CVSS)

Joint Solution

The integration between Advancis WinGuard and TeleRadio UV Colour offers user a joint-benefit of centralised security management and under vehicle inspection. The user is able to view the undercarriage result of all inspected vehicles remotely in the command-and-control room, through a unified user interface in real time.


TeleRadio Engineering Pte Ltd
No.18 Boon Lay Way, #08-108, TradeHub 21, Singapore 609966
Tel: +65 67792271
Fax: +65 67792217
Email: [email protected]

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TeleRadio – UV Colour Under Vehicle Surveillance System

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