Telenot – hifire, hiplex

Telenot – hifire, hiplex

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Fire Alarm System, Intrusion Detection System
Company Profile

TELENOT is a leading manufacturer of electronic security technology for the areas of Intruder alarm technology Smart alarm systems Fire detector and Access control technology and for the integration of approved security and hazard alarm solutions in smart building and smart home systems. An unrivaled range of peripheral devices with more than 3,500 security products from detectors, sensors, and installation materials all the way to special solutions guarantees security solutions for every building type in every industry.

Product Description

Intruder alarm control panel hiplex 8400H and complex 400H.
They offer maximum security and flexibility for all security requirements and combine state-of-the-art installation technology with maximum reliability and functionality. Thanks to their modular design, they can be adapted to all current and future requirements. The range of peripheral components including access control readers, motion detectors, touch keypads in different design variations as well as technical detectors, provides the building block for practical and stylish solutions.

Fire detection and alarm system hifire 4000 FDT
The fire detection and alarm system hifire 4000 FDT also offers maximum security and flexibility. The modular structure and network capability of the fire alarm control panels can be used to secure properties of all sizes.

  • Intruder alarm control panel hiplex 8400H and complex 400H Bus-oriented system (com2BUS)

  • Up to 15 independent partitions and 1 control panel partition can be realized (depending on the control panel)
  • Up to 512 input groups and 1,000 codes and time models
  • Alarm system app BuildSec 4.0 with status information

  • Fire detection and alarm system hifire 4000 FDT

  • Powerful and convenient parameterization software
  • The number of licensed fire detectors can be expanded at any time
  • Redundant interconnection of up to 30 fire alarm control panels
  • Comprehensive additional products and accessories guarantee the system’s high functionality and flexibility for all applications.

Joint Solution

By working together, Advancis and TELENOT have created an all-in-one solution that may include intruder alarm systems, fire detection technology, or access control systems by TELENOT. The WinGuard visualization from Advancis then puts contract partners and customers in control of all areas.


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Telefon: +49 7361 946-400
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Telenot – hifire, hiplex

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