Spica International d.o.o. – Door Cloud

Spica International d.o.o. – Door Cloud

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Company Profile

Spica International is one of EMEA leading providers of workforce management and access control solutions, focused on the needs of the modern workplace. In the past 30 years we have helped more than 3.000 customers around the world to optimize, digitalize and automate their business processes. With our user-friendly solutions, cutting-edge technologies, and top-notch consultants, we have helped organizations to manage their employees’ time and security better, meet compliance effortlessly, improve productivity and in general create a better working environment.

Product Description

With Door Cloud, Spica has been at the forefront of cloud access control technology for several years, offering a true multi-tenant service and true mobility with remote door opening and smartphone card replacement. Door Cloud carries the expertise and experience from 30+ years and several generations of successful access control platforms.
For Spica, Advancis integration is an important step towards the front center of the European pool of large-scale project opportunities. We are very excited about the new prospects and look forward to working with Advancis on the most ambitious and challenging projects.

  • Open doors from anywhere using your smartphone or Apple Watch

  • No cards or card readers are required but can be used simultaneously
  • Easy migration and integration
  • Support for Aperio wireless locks
  • Integrated incident workflow and alarm management

Joint Solution

With the bidirectional integration between WinGuard and Door Cloud, the user is fully supported during the daily operations. Remote control of the Access Control devices and their status notification in WinGuard, will allow the Operator to organize his tasks easily and without mistakes, receiving notification and alarms automatically so to manage them via the simply defined workflow, in interaction with CCTV, Intrusion and other systems.

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Spica International d.o.o. – Door Cloud

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