SORHEA – Maxiris, Solaris, Apiris, G-Fence

SORHEA – Maxiris, Solaris, Apiris, G-Fence

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Company Profile

With over 30 years of experience and an international network of over 500 active system integrators, the French manufacturer SORHEA is Europe‘s leading provider of electronic perimeter intrusion detection systems and an undisputed player in the international security market. SORHEA offers the widest and most comprehensive range of commercially available perimeter intrusion detection systems; active infrared barriers, shock detection cable, video analytics, dual-technology, electric fence and more. SORHEA solutions cover all sectors of activity including; industry, energy, transport & logistics, military & prisons, residential and retail. The products can adapt to all kinds of site characteristics and environments making them a valuable partner for Security Managers of critical infrastructure sites.

Product Description

The MAXIRIS infrared barriers offer the highest level of performance. In fact, for long perimeters (above 1 km), the MAXIRIS columns can be directly connected to a TCP/IP network or in RS485 bus.
The SOLARIS is powered by a solar panel and an integrated battery, no civil engineering is necessary during installation. A radio mesh is then created by all the SOLARIS columns to transmit alarm information efficiently.
The triple-technology barrier APIRIS combines a multiplexed infrared beam barrier, a high-frequency barrier and a high-frequency sensor. The alarm activation principle is based on simultaneous intrusion detection.
G-FENCE is a shock detection system for perimeter fences. G-FENCE detects fence vibrations generated by intrusion attempts by cutting, climbing or pulling out the fence.

  • Solar-powered shock detection cable protecting up to 4 x 3200m per system with up to 4 x 128 zones of detection (G-FENCE)

  • Broad range of sensitivity settings to adjust to different types of fences and security risks (G-FENCE)

  • Autonomous active infrared barrier eliminating civil works costs (SOLARIS)

  • Secure Dynamic Radio Mesh alarm communication (SOLARIS)

  • Secure data transmission: 802.1X & TLS (MAXIRIS, SOLARIS, G-FENCE, APIRIS)

  • Integrated IP technology for remote configuration and maintenance operations (MAXIRIS)

  • Triple technology barrier; active infrared, microwave & Doppler (APIRIS)

Joint Solution

The full integration of the Sorhea perimeter intrusion dectection systems in WinGuard allows homogeneous visualisation and control. The real-time alarm information at the precise location provides clear event notification. In addition, the user is supported by guided instructions. Working together as technology partners, SORHEA and Advancis provide a high-end proven solution that security managers of some of the world‘s most sensitive sites put their faith in.


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SORHEA – Maxiris, Solaris, Apiris, G-Fence

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