SightLogix – SightSensor HD

SightLogix – SightSensor HD

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SightLogix smart thermal cameras solve outdoor security problems at sites where detection matters. It’s our passion and our mission to deliver highly reliable and easy-to-deploy perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) with edge-based, dual-sensor video analytics, long and wide area coverage, and geo-spatial target tracking, purpose-built to detect intruders with outstanding reliability. Our SightSensor smart thermal cameras are built to perform at the highest levels and in the toughest outdoor conditions.

Product Description

The SightSensor is a smart thermal camera that detects intruders with high precision over large, critical perimeters. SightSensor works at the edge and includes geospatial video analytics, automatic stabilization, and a toolbox of filters to optimize outdoor performance.

SightSensor HD is a dual-video smart camera that combines a thermal sensor, HD color sensor, LED illuminators, onboard video storage, automatic stabilization, and powerful, dual-sensor video analytics into a highly reliable intruder detection solution.

SightTracker is a smart PTZ controller that automatically positions a PTZ camera to zoom and follow a detected target using the information provided by a SightSensor smart thermal camera. SightTracker integrates PTZ camera control and real-time GPS coordinate mapping for real-time situational awareness.

  • Reliable detection day & night and in all weather conditions – SightSensor thermal cameras provide for the most reliable 24/7 video imagery for our Video Analytics to only generate alarms when an intrusion is detected.

  • Unmatched detection range – Covers massive areas over hundreds of meters far and wide
  • Outstanding analytic performance – Acquires target in milliseconds – inside, outside, or at the fence
  • Geospatial Security – One-click detection zones on size, speed, bearing, and geo-location
  • Automatic stabilization – Reliable analytic detection in wind, vibrations, camera shake
  • Dual-Sensor Video Analytics (DSA) – Detects targets from thermal and visible sensors simultaneously for outstanding outdoor performance

Joint Solution

Comprehensive outdoor security requires accurate intruder detection and critical situational awareness for the most effective, real-time response. Our collaboration with Advancis delivers a powerful security solution that protects outdoor areas with the highest levels of performance.


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SightLogix – SightSensor HD

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