SICURIT – SICURIT Perimeter Protection Systems

SICURIT – SICURIT Perimeter Protection Systems

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Company Profile

SICURIT Perimeter Protection Systems (PPS), a dedicated division of SICURIT Alarmitalia Spa, has been producing and distributing advanced Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) systems since 1991. The Company is a recognized leader in the Italian market, and since 2000, has been exporting its solutions to what has now grown to more than 40 countries. Main vertical markets served (but not limited to) are: Airports, Seaports, Military sites, Correctional facilities, Nuclear plants, Refineries, Communications facilities, Industrial Sites and any Site requiring maximum security.

Product Description

SICURIT Perimeter Protection Systems produces a wide range of Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) including IP Native Dual Technology and Infrared Beam barriers, Microwave barriers, fence and wall-mounted intrusion detection systems, long-range PIR’s and, in cooperation with Italian leading fence manufacturer Cavatorta, the first in the market All-in-One High Security Fence with integrated and hidden pin point detection technology unique sensors for museum applications.

  • A unique in the market range of IP Native active barriers (Dual Technology and Infrared) powered with IMT patented bi-directional IR Beam technology

  • A full range of high-end solutions able to withstand the most critical environmental conditions

  • End-to-End IP based range of products including a fence-mounted pin point intrusion detection system

Joint Solution

Open platform solutions that enable their technology partners to work together in a community model enable clients to purchase and deploy best of breed solutions that meet current and unforeseen future requirements. WinGuard provides a seamless integration with SICURIT that takes control room alarm management and event handling to a new level with increased efficiency and operational security, which are of major importance in critical infrastructure and high security projects.


SICURIT Perimeter Protection Systems
Via Gadames, 91
2151 Milan (IT)

Contact person for technical questions:
[email protected] / +39 (0)2 380701

Contact person for sales enquiries:
[email protected] / +39 (0)2 380701

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SICURIT – SICURIT Perimeter Protection Systems

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