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Senstar – Senstar Symphony

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Perimeter Protection, Video Management System, Video Analytics
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With intelligent video management, video analytics, access control, and innovative perimeter intrusion detection systems, Senstar offers a comprehensive suite of proven, integrated technologies. Senstar products have been protecting critical assets around the world for 40 years. Key to our longevity and success is the ability to deliver leading-edge security and risk management solutions, backed by deep industry knowledge and world-class support. Senstar protects high risk assets in markets that require high levels of security—including critical infrastructure, military, manufacturing and logistics, corrections, energy, and transportation. With corporate offices in strategic locations worldwide and products operating in more than 100 countries, Senstar has an extensive global presence in the security market. Our presence is extended further through the cooperation of a global network of qualified partners.

Product Description

At Senstar we are proud to work with Advancis to deliver a highly available system from top to bottom,” said Tom Hofer, Product Manager at Senstar. “The integrated WinGuard and Symphony solution enables operators to save time because it presents them with important information when needed. The solution includes a VMS and analytics mechanism to provide data to the presentation layer for the best possible experience using state of the art software solutions.

  • Open, highly scalable video management system with built-in video analytics, includes full-featured access control and perimeter intrusion detection modules

  • Supports High Availability with server, database and storage redundancy
  • Single pane of glass displays all events and information from VMS, PIDs and AC
  • Sensor Fusion Engine is breakthrough technology that achieves levels of performance that exceed those of individual sensors
  • Wide range of perimeter intrusion detection sensors including fence, buried, wall, fiber optic and microwave that detect and locate intruders at the perimeter
  • Senstar products can work together or integrate with third parties for complete facility-level solutions.

Joint Solution

Managing all data points, enables the operators to quickly and purposefully fulfill the tasks set. On the other hand, the archive of all messages provides the basis for forensic and thus gapless documentation.


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Senstar – Senstar Symphony

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