Sauter – aveoFlex, aveoS

Sauter – aveoFlex, aveoS

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Fire Alarm System
Company Profile

For more than 25 years Sauter has been a pioneer in the fire detection industry working in close collaboration with the market stakeholders to ensure the optimum in performance and quality. Sauter supports its partners during planning, construction and maintenance phase of fire and voice alarm systems. Maintenance of fire alarm systems is an essential part of ensuring a building‘s security and at Sauter we have a dedicated customer service team to assist our partners and clients. The Sauter fire alarm panels use open protocols to provide the industry with the maximum of integration options with other security and building systems so that our state-of-the-art technologies can be widely deployed.

Product Description

Sauter offers a range of fire alarm systems that adapt to different project sizes and provide real time tracking and alerts of detection zones throughout single or multiple buildings. Our panels are all high quality, German made fire alarm systems that can be linked together via building IP networks and they support open protocols to integrate and unify various detector manufacturer devices into the panels so that they are used in the same fire alarm loop.

Sauter panels are made to German security and quality standards and are recognized by the VDS certification.

  • Open protocol fire detection system

  • Reduced installation time due to prefabricated components

  • All components are supplied by high quality and well known manufacturers

  • Our panels meet German, European and international system requirements

  • Certified by VdS in Germany

Joint Solution

When combined, WinGuard and Sauter panels provide operators with a unified interface that displays floor plans of a building and security infrastructure for real time fire alarm management as well as for any other connected systems. WinGuard cleverly guides users through procedures for the handling of alarms, while recording exactly what they do.


Sauter Brandmeldeanlagen GmbH
Weißhofer Straße 100
75015 Bretten

Contact person for technical questions and sales enquiries:
email : [email protected]
phone : +49-7252-56132-22

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Sauter – aveoFlex, aveoS

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