Mirasys – Mirasys VMS Entegra

Mirasys – Mirasys VMS Entegra

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Video Management System
Company Profile

Mirasys Ltd. is one of the leading suppliers of open platform video management systems (VMS). Mirasys develops and provides intelligent video management solutions to solve not only customers’ safety and security but also productivity and performance challenges in many businesses. In the same way as Mirasys video management software utilizes video image data from surveillance cameras it utilizes data produced by e.g. thermal cameras, IoT sensors or AI devices. Mirasys video management solutions are marketed in over 40 countries. More than 70,000 customers use Mirasys systems with nearly one million cameras. Over 16,000 surveillance cameras are connected to the largest Mirasys solution. Based in Helsinki, Finland, the company operates through sales offices and Mirasys representatives in cooperation with leading distributors,system integrators, security service providers and system manufacturers.

Product Description

Mirasys VMS is highly scalable video management software solution from small and medium-sized enterprises to the largest city-wide systems. The software allows for camera management, metadata recording, wide integrations, video recording as well the end customer interfaces for operators. The software has a well formed end-user interface that can be configured to multiple different setups for different end customer needs in different solution models. The system is widely scalable and allows setups from only few cameras to over 10,000 cameras and hundreds of servers. The VMS supports a wide variety of diffenent IP camera models – over 8,000 different.

  • Intuitive end user (operator) user interface that can be preconfigured to support multiple different solution models over several different servers

  • Advanced recording solution

  • High system scalability – hundreds of servers and up to tens of thousands of cameras

  • Support for 8,000+ camera models

  • End-to-end video encryption (specific camera models)

Joint Solution

The field tested integration between Mirasys Entegra VMS and WinGuard PSIM from Advancis provides a total security solution, allowing the efficient management of all connected technical devices in a unified way. Using Mirasys open camera platform prevents the user from hardware supplier lockup, especially important for large and long-maintained systems.


Mirasys Oy
Atomitie 5C
00370 Helsinki

Contact person for technical questions:
[email protected] / +358505941517

Contact person for sales enquiries:
[email protected] / +358451200910

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Mirasys – Mirasys VMS Entegra

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