Ipsotek – VISuite AI

Ipsotek – VISuite AI

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Intrusion Detection System, Perimeter Protection, Video Analytics, Other
Company Profile

Ipsotek is a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence powered video analytics solutions for mission critical applications. Its highly scalable VISuite AI platform enables users to efficiently manage automatically generated alerts in real-time for deployments across a range of use cases including crowd management, face recognition, intrusion detection, perimeter protection, number plate recognition and traffic management. For over 20 years, Ipsotek has been committed to providing and deploying video analytics solutions that keep people safe and businesses running. Designed from the ground-up, Ipsotek’s patented and easily configurable solutions make video searchable, actionable and quantifiable, providing crucial operational insights and resulting in reduced operator response times and the ability to define behaviors as they unfold in real-time in the most dynamic and complex environments.

Product Description

VISuite AI is based on Ipsotek's patented Scenario-based Rule Engine fusing robust Video Analytics algorithms with accurate and versatile Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning Detectors, providing operators a unified interface for managing a comprehensive range of Artificial Intelligence Video Analytics "Use Cases" applicable to multiple industry sectors:

– Infrastructure
– Transportation
– Critical
– Government
– City Surveillance
– Energy
– Commercial
– Healthcare
– Logistics

  • Scenario-based Rule Engine is at the heart of the Ipsotek video analytics platform.

  • A.I.V.A. – Versatile, accurate, self-calibrating and easy to configure and is ideally suited for large scale deployments.

  • VIForensics – Perform real-time or post incident search and identification based on detailed event and metadata search criteria.

  • Investigation – Automatically track objects across multiple overlapping and non-overlapping cameras in real-time and forensically.

  • VIFace – Face recognition engine for Watch-list Detection and Forensic Face Search with Face Mask detection.

Joint Solution

Our integration with WinGuard is essential to our customers to guarantee site safety and security. The integration empowers security operators to respond to events quickly and efficiently in a single, unified interface.


Ipsotek Ltd
Tuition House, 27-37 St George's Road,
SW19 4EU
United Kingdom

Contact person for technical questions & sales enquiries:
[email protected] / +44 (0) 20 8971 8300

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Ipsotek – VISuite AI

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