Gehrke – NeuroKom® IP

Gehrke – NeuroKom® IP

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Access Control Systems, Intercom, Loudspeaker systems / Electroacoustic systems
Company Profile

For over 50 years, the name "Gehrke" has been associated with intercom systems and professional solutions for security-relevant building communication. Reliable, direct and fast communication - for everyday use and especially in emergency situations. At Gehrke, everything revolves around NeuroKom® IP, the serverless intercom technology for intelligent, neural intercom stations. NeuroKom® IP solutions are suitable for different industries, building sizes and tasks and the portfolio includes door, gate and barrier intercom systems, elevator emergency call, control room systems with or without radio control, industrial, operating theater and clean room intercom stations, public address systems, information and emergency call systems, amok alarm and emergency hazard response systems (NGRS according to DIN VDE V 0827), and much more.

Product Description

Gehrke develops, designs, manufactures and produces its neural components in Germany – true to its motto "Made in Germany – and used around the world". In all solutions, the focus is always on people, be it as installers, administrators or end users.

The entire Gehrke portfolio is suitable for building-oriented, security-related communication solutions. The basis is NeuroKom® IP, the intercom system that does not require an intercom central or server to operate the intelligent end devices. The unique system is based on artificial, neural networks and offers the customer individual design options for his speech systems. The principle uses network technology as the basis for voice communication, control and monitoring without losing compatibility with existing intercom technologies.

The neural intercom stations can be easily combined with mobile devices and optimised for special requirements at any time.

  • NeuroKom® IP – the serverless intercom technology without "single point of failure“

  • The end devices solve all intercom tasks themselves

  • No licence and server costs

  • Not cloud based

  • All devices are SIP compatible

  • Neural call stations with Open Duplex and HD audio for excellent voice quality

  • Convenient planning, configuration and use for installers, planners and end users

  • Own real-time operating system for extreme security.

Joint Solution

NeuroKom® IP from Gehrke provides all communication and control options for WinGuard. This means that in addition to the actual intercom events, status information up to the functional availability of loudspeaker and microphone is present and can be evaluated by WinGuard. Thus, the neural end devices are fully integrated into the security application from Advancis.


Gehrke Sales GmbH
Benrodestr. 83
D-40597 Düsseldorf
Tel. 0211/54 57 01-00

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Gehrke – NeuroKom® IP

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