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Fortecho Solutions – Fortecho

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Company Profile

Fortecho Solutions is an international RFID solution provider headquartered in the UK with offices in Europe, the USA and Australasia. Specialising in art and high value asset protection for over 20 years, Fortecho Solutions is widely considered the global market leader in wireless asset surveillance solutions. Today, their intelligent, integrated, real-time object-focused surveillance technology is used by hundreds of leading museums, foundations, corporates, private collectors and places of worship all over the world. Fortecho Solutions provides technology expertise and industry knowledge, system integration, consulting and professional services to private clients & institutions in more than 35 countries.

Product Description

Fortecho™ protects art and high value assets against theft, vandalism and environmental damage. Using a combination of powerful software and dedicated invisible active RFID hardware, Fortecho™ enables constant, centralised, wireless monitoring of valuable paintings, free standing objects / sculptures, display cases and furniture.

Designed in collaboration with professionals from the world’s leading art institutions, Fortecho™ integrates with most security infrastructures, able to trigger cameras, sounders and intruder alarms, send messages to digital radios/ mobile phones/ pagers/ email clients and signal to key stakeholders in the event of dangerous activity. Fortecho™ exceeds the specialist intensive requirements of even the largest security, curatorial and conservation teams.

  • 24/7 monitoring for asset movement, proximity, tamper and climate fluctuations, even during ‘visiting hours’ when traditional security systems are de-activated or passive.

  • Sensors attach invisibly to/nearby objects without affecting the viewers’ experience.

  • Industry-leading battery-life minimises art handling – saves money, staff time and reduces risk of damage.

  • Powerful software with graphical alarm interface enables security to quickly prioritise, validate and respond to alarms and curators to manage and audit the collection (art audit 2880 times per day).

  • Integration with 3rd party systems to consolidate alarm information, improve response times and increase value.

Joint Solution

The main features from the integrated solution are: Real-time asset alerts consolidated to a central display, improved location analysis, integrated approved alarm reporting procedure and improved integration with additional systems. Users make large investments in security infrastructure and rightly expect solutions that will stand the test of time – this integration is futureproof and will remain functional as both products evolve.


Fortecho Solutions
Solon House, 40A
Peterborough Road

Contact person for technical questions & sales enquiries:
[email protected] / +44 20 7610 8930

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Fortecho Solutions – Fortecho

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