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FFT Future Fibre Technologies – Future Fibre Technologies

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Perimeter Protection
Company Profile

Future Fibre Technologies’ fibre optic based sensing solutions are trusted by the most security conscious organisations around the globe. FFT provides technology for perimeter security, oil & gas pipeline protection, and cable and data network monitoring. We have also developed unique transport assurance, integrity management and condition monitoring solutions. With world leading signal processing and analytics, FFT’s proprietary software, machine learning and data capture tools deliver unparalleled event classification accuracy with low unwanted nuisance alarms.

Product Description

FFT’s software tested to the highest international standards for cyber assurance and our global network of technical engineers and accredited partners deliver both on-ground and remote support to customers – 24/7.

FFT continues to lead the world in fibre optic sensing solutions for the real-time monitoring and protection of high value assets and critical infrastructure.

  • Long Range – A single controller can protect up to 110km (80 miles) of sensor cable.

  • Event Location – Pinpoints the location of intrusion and tampering attempts to within ± 2 m (6.5 ft).
  • Artificial Intelligence Analysis – Maximises discrimination between intrusions and environmental nuisance sources including wind, rain, traffic, machinery and aircraft.
  • Low Installation Costs – There is no requirement for power or electronics in the field.
  • Safety and Reliability – Intrinsic safety, immunity to EMI, RFI and lightning strikes.
  • Integration – FFT CAMS software provides seamless connectivity to third party systems and equipment.

Joint Solution

When an event is detected by an FFT intrusion detection system, FFT’s Central Alarm Monitoring System automatically and seamlessly conveys geolocation and alarm information via Advancis’ industry leading PSIM software WinGuard to enable visual verification and response. Together, FFT and Advancis offer a powerful integrated solution for the protection of critical infrastructure and high value assets.


Future Fibre Technologies
10 Hartnett Close, Mulgrave, Victoria 3170, Australia

Website: http://www.fftsecurity.com

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FFT Future Fibre Technologies – Future Fibre Technologies