EL-FAR – Smart Fence Solution

EL-FAR – Smart Fence Solution

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Company Profile

EL-FAR Electronics Systems 2000 Ltd. is a global company dedicated first and foremost to the development and manufacturing of advanced perimeter security solutions, continuously providing, integrating and supporting highly efficient intrusion detection systems that meet the full spectrum of security challenges found at governmental, industrial and commercial facilities around the world. These high-end security technologies enable addressing efficiently a wide spectrum of complex security scenarios, including silent infiltration attempts by sophisticated intruders. EL-FAR works closely with leading system integrators and distributors worldwide with current projects in over 35 countries in various vertical markets including borders, transportation, critical infrastructure, correctional facilities, communication centers, BTS and cellular network infrastructure and more.

Product Description

SMART FENCE Perimeter Intrusion Detection System based on VIPER and EL-SENS Vibration Detection Sensors.

The VIPER is a new generation intruder detection system, designed to handle all aspects of perimeter protection. It upgrades any existing fence to the status of an electronic barrier with an exceptional detection resolution of +/-10 meters.

Wherever perimeter protection and intrusion detection are required, the SMART FENCE system provides the utmost security with a system that is easy to install, operate and maintain. The long-life sensor units are easily attached to the fence at approximately 3 meters intervals and are highly immune to extraneous environmental factors.

The system is completely managed by the proprietary InSite C&C software application developed and designed by EL-FAR. Through the InSite platform the system enables definition of unique sensitivity parameters for each alarm zone, configured remotely from the command and control center.

  • Absolute Detection – The Smart Fence PIDS provides a pinpointed detection of intrusion events

  • Cutting Edge Technology – Sophisticated system algorithms enable best-fit capabilities in adjusting the system to site-specific criteria

  • Exceptional Accuracy – Highest detection rate and exceptional detection resolution of ±3-10m of the entire protected perimeter

  • Low False Alarm Rate – Advanced filtration algorithms and an automatic sensitivity calibration feature prevent false alarm caused by natural phenomena

  • High Immunity and Durability – Certified according to MIL-STD-810F/G for operation under extreme environmental conditions, MIL-STD-461F for EMI/RFI, CE, and FCC and ATEX

  • InSite Proprietary C&C Management Software – Complete management of all components of the system

Joint Solution

The El-Far integration in WinGuard combines the benefits of advanced security management with best-of-breed perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS). Both technologies are flexible and provide an efficient and reliable system to ensure highest security for critical infrastructures and cover a wide spectrum of complex security scenarios. Safety and security of both personnel and assets throughout the monitored site is significantly increased.


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EL-FAR – Smart Fence Solution

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