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EDITAG designs, develops and implements groundbreaking turnkey IoT solutions that combine advanced expertise in the Internet of Things to locate, monitor, track and control valuable objects throughout their lifecycle to locate, monitor, track, trace and secure valuable objects, track and secure. The patented, cross-standard, and complete technology (from hardware to software to cloud services) enables software to cloud services) enables customers to monitor high-value and industrial operations, control production, manage control production, manage inventory levels and improve industrial performance with simple and flexible IoT solutions.

Product Description

EDITAG ARTS is a system specially developed for the surveillance and protection of art and cultural assets. Monuments, churches, museums, and exhibitions are open to the public during opening hours and are protected by guards and, if necessary, video systems.
Sensors (35 x 46 x 3.6 mm) attached directly to the object react to acceleration and report theft and manipulation. In addition, they measure the temperature and relative humidity of the object at a defined frequency, so that a complete series of measurements of these values is available to the conservators or lenders.

  • RFID inventory, i.e., electronically supported inventory

  • Monitoring of climatic conditions (temperature and and rel. humidity)
  • 24/7 security through monitoring with proximity and acceleration sensors
  • Monitoring of transport and check-out
  • Seamless integration into the existing security architecture

Joint Solution

By monitoring the functional connection to the EDITAG ARTS Server, the operator receives feedback on the availability of the systems in use. In addition, messages are processed within WinGuard and, if necessary, actively displayed. Due to the extensive possibilities for message processing, a reliable and traceable process chain is established.



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