Disruptive Technologies – Wireless Sensors & Cloud Connector

Disruptive Technologies – Wireless Sensors & Cloud Connector

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Company Profile

Disruptive Technologies is the creator of the world’s smallest wireless sensors and an award-winning innovator in the IoT market. Our IoT sensors and infrastructure simplify data collection and provide all the data points needed for actionable insights and a proactive approach to facilities management. We strive to make data collection easy and seamless. To take the hassle (and cost) out of making buildings and facilities Smart. With peel-and-stick installation, simple integration, and a battery life of up to 15 years, it has never been easier to add sensors to a building or smart-building solution. When we ask our partners and customers what they love about our sensors, the answer is lways the same: they are so easy to set up and maintain. Using the data from Disruptive Technologies sensors, partners like Advancis create solutions that bring even more insight into workplace management, building automation, security, and a whole range of other applications.

Product Description

Disruptive Technologies offers different types of tiny wireless IoT sensors (19x19x2.5 mm) that can be placed exactly where you need them for remote monitoring of your buildings and assets to
• measure temperature anywhere;
• send an event whenever the sensor is touched or pressed;
• provide a trigger when something is detected within a 5 mm range;
• report the presence of water on the sensor;
• report humidity and temperature every 15 mins;
• detect when a desk is occupied or not occupied;
• measure CO2, temperature, humidity and barometric pressure;
• detect the presence of people in a room up to 14 m detection diameter.

The sensor data is encrypted within the sensors themselves. The data stays encrypted through radio transmission, cellular or Ethernet forwarding over the internet until it reaches our secure cloud.

  • Simple installation: Simply peel the adhesive backing from the sensor and stick it anywhere.

  • Small size: At 19x19x2.5 mm, the tiny sensors can be placed exactly where you need them.
  • Long battery life: Proprietary technology allows the sensors to work for up to 15 years in the default configuration.
  • End-to-end encryption: Triple A+ grade security from the sensors to the cloud verified by a third-party security authority.
  • Designed for scale: Scale from a few sensors to thousands with just one gateway.
  • Flexible integration: Easily integrate into any existing data system or platform via webhooks or REST API.

Joint Solution

Our integration enables WinGuard to couple with the Disruptive Technologies cloud interface. The sensors of each customer connect via Ethernet/4G equipped local gateways (cloud connectors) to the secure cloud of Disruptive Technologies. The state of each connected sensor can then be queried fully encrypted by WinGuard via REST API requests. The collected data can be used for triggering workflows and automation routines or to create important dashboard information in 3rd party tools like Grafana.


Disruptive Technologies AS
Strandveien 17
Lysaker Bærum 1366, Norway

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Disruptive Technologies – Wireless Sensors & Cloud Connector

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