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Company Profile

Commend is a global provider of communication systems and solutions for emergency and threat response that enable an efficient, quick-responding management of public buildings, industrial facilities and public traffic infrastructures. Whether it’s providing customer service in a noisy car park, managing an emergency situation in an industrial facility or responding to school violence, Commend systems provide reliable assistance in terms of efficient, clear communication and responding to challenging situations. In everyday use, the systems help to ensure economically efficient workflows. Commend is headquartered in Salzburg and employs about 200 staff at its head office, with about 500 people maintaining a global partner network under the Commend brand. The Commend Group is a member of the Dutch-based TKH corporation.

Product Description

Commend products and solutions can be expanded and upgraded as well as absolute dependability in a variety of situations. Exceptional quality, state of the art design, reliability, commitment to longevity and product development ensure that a Commend Intercom solution is a lifetime investment in communication and is why we remain the preferred choice among our customers. Our passion is your safety and security.

Commend provide solutions designed and manufactured with people and the environment in mind. Our product portfolio covers every Intercom need, from simple point-to-point intercom systems to complex integrated solutions.

  • Reliable and secure communication for all types of general security and emergency situations.

  • Commend Servers support IP (IoIP/SIP), digital and analogue Intercom stations.

  • Intercom systems for up to 25,000 stations.

  • Control Desk Management and Multi-Site Management.

  • Commend Intercom solutions support the seamless integration of various systems for CCTV Surveillance, Mobile Radio, Alarms and Control.

  • Unified PA solutions for buildings, industrial facilities, public infrastructures and smart cities.

Joint Solution

WinGuard from Advancis is a centralised security management platform that interacts with building, security and communication management systems. With the Commend intercom integration WinGuard monitors our intercoms with efficient handling and prompted actions using triggers that are generated by Commend intercoms as well as for other third party systems. WinGuard also enables smart features such as output switching and call handling in the Commend system using ICX connection, IP and RS232.


Commend International GmbH
Saalachstrasse 51
5020 – Salzburg

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Commend – Commend

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