Bosch Building Technology – PRAESENSA Public Address & Voice Alarm

Bosch Building Technology – PRAESENSA Public Address & Voice Alarm

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Loudspeaker systems / Electroacoustic systems
Company Profile

With more than 90 years of experience in designing and developing communication products, Bosch has established unrivalled leadership in the field of public address and voice alarm systems. The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services. Its special ownership structure guarantees its entrepreneurial freedom, making it possible to plan over the long term. At Bosch we improve quality of life worldwide with products and services that are innovative and spark enthusiasm, in short: “Invented for life.”

Product Description

All components of the system are networked, thereby ensuring the highest flexibility and scalability from small centralized to large decentralized systems. The OMNEO IP architecture supports DanteTM audio networking, AES67 and AES70 protocol.

The innovative multi-channel amplifier architecture with intelligent power allocation significantly improves the effective utilization of available power, regardless of the loudspeaker load in each zone. Other powerful features like full network link redundancy and intuitive call station interface complete the system. PRAESENSA is a comprehensive system that adapts easily to changing needs. Compliant to the highest standards, it is a fit-for-purpose solution for consultants, installers and building owners alike. PRAESENSA, connecting all the dots.

  • Flexible and reliable thanks to secure IP infrastructure

  • Reliable thanks to the integrated redundancy concept and high network security
  • Cost-efficient due to low operating costs
  • Convenient thanks to the graphical user interface of the call station
  • Fully equipped and future-oriented – ideal for small to large applications
  • Scalable thanks to the multi controller concept

Joint Solution

The entire PRAESENSA by Bosch equipment and network topology can be visualized and controlled via Advancis’ open integration platform WinGuard. The integration consists of standard public address features such as playing prerecorded messages and making live announcements to dedicated zones via the WinGuard user interface. Convenience and comfort features can be automated cross-domainwise. Security and emergency events can be handled easily.


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Bosch Building Technology – PRAESENSA Public Address & Voice Alarm

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