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Video Management System, Standardized Interfaces, Network Management
Company Profile

barox is one of the leading IT switch manufactures for the CCTV market. After the video market migrated to IP the biggest camera manufacturers decided to leave the IEEE regulations and doing their own thing, like using PoE power bigger than 90W or Jumbo Frames at 100Mbits. barox follows that camera exit from IEEE and provides switches that still support the cameras even outside the standards. barox products have been designed to cope with the special requirements of IP video; to reduce replacement costs and to cut ongoing expenses by journeys to site. Our switches include special functions, e.g. cameras are periodically pinged to check status. If they fail to respond, PoE is taken away to re-boot the switch and the fault is logged. Fault logging allows you to understand and pinpoint network and device issues much faster. In the company’s drive to implement the highest standards of cyber protection, barox has joined The Alliance for Cyber Security.

Product Description

barox Kommunikation AG, the manufacturer of IT switches designed specifically for the video surveillance market, has successfully been approved by advancis. The barox functionalities greatly extends advancis Video Management Software usability
Being developed for tasks with high data volume, this layer 2/3 switch with L3 functions is suitable for example for video over IP and video streaming in connection with multicast as well. IP-cameras are supplied by PoE through the data cable. Its compact design and reduced number of ports make this switch ideal for smaller plants or as a remote unit in a larger network. With its extensive management possibilities, it is also suitable for complex network structures.

  • Using our switches for video lets you actively monitor your whole video network and all the cameras connected to it

  • Due to their integrated Device Management System (DMS), barox products feature numerous helpful network monitoring functions which allow for the visualisation and analysis of all hardware and connectivity

  • barox switches can be actively integrated into video management systems

  • High backplane performance for smooth video transmission

  • Cyber Security is an integral part of the design, manufacture and configuration of all of our products and network

Joint Solution

We enhance WinGuard diagnostic data showing the status of cameras and switches and allowing the fast pin-pointing of network and device issues. barox tools include PoE monitoring, cable diagnostics and remote switch traffic monitoring, where live data traffic is shown on a graphical chart. Being able to see the traffic on each port makes it easier to diagnose faults and outages remotely.


barox Kommunikation GmbH
Systeme für Kommunikationstechnik
Im Grund 15
CH-5405 Baden-Dättwil
Tel. +41 56 210 45 20
Fax +41 56 210 45 21

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barox – barox

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