2N Telekomunikace – 2N IP Intercoms

2N Telekomunikace – 2N IP Intercoms

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Company Profile

2N is a leading European company engaged in the development and manufacture of products in the field of IP intercoms and access control systems. According to an IHS report in 2016, 2N is the largest global manufacturer of IP intercoms, and a major innovator in the field of IP access systems, IP audio and IP lift communicators. The company was established in 1991 in the Czech Republic and is registered HQ is in Prague. 2N currently has more than 270 employees and branches in the USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, UAE, Australia and Italy. It also has a wide distribution network all over the world. 2N became part of the global Axis Group in 2016.

Product Description

2N offers complete IP door entry solutions designed to increase the security of residential and commercial buildings. Intercoms provide a comfortable and reliable communication under all circumstances. Most models can be equipped with HD ONVIF compliant cameras with IR night vision, high-end audio and access control technologies including RFID, Bluetooth or biometric fingerprint. The biggest advantage of 2N IP intercoms is the system openness for integration through standard as well as vendor-specific protocols. PoE, IN and OUT connectors in the unit and tamper switch make the installation simple and secure.

  • Our products are made of high quality materials, providing reliable functionalities, crystal clear sound and HD camera with night vision.

  • Let your customers choose whether their prefer a fingerprint reader, touchscreen contact list, Bluetooth combined with RFID or keypad to enter the building.

  • Simple wiring reduces time spent on the installation site and can be done by a user with basic knowledge of IT.

  • 2N products integrate with a wide range of devices and 3rd party systems. All thanks to open standards as are SIP, ONVIF, RTSP/RTP, HTTP API and API.

  • Provide customers with reliable mobile app to open the door and configure all 2N devices remotely thanks to double encrypted cloud communication.

Joint Solution

Via SIP 2N products seamlessly integrate with WinGuard and provide operators with important features via the WinGuard control screens, such as receive and accept calls from intercoms directly in the PSIM graphic interface, stream video from 2N intercom to the video surveillance systems compatible with WinGuard – great for visual verification of intercom calls, also manage door locking and control.


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2N Telekomunikace – 2N IP Intercoms

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