When it comes to security, there has to be a set of procedures and effective measures to be implemented for protection. In an emergency case, a fast evacuation of the respective building or site as well as the initiation of appropriate countermeasures is crucial to save life and assets. A comprehensive solution is provided by a centralized security management platform that interacts with fire alarm systems and other building, security and communication management devices: As an independent, vendor neutral security and building management system, WinGuard converts the complex task of ensuring corporate security into manageable, efficient and controllable processes.

WinGuard Express

WinGuard Express is a standalone system with up to 3,000 datapoint units and three interfaces to subsystems: The perfect and cost-efficient solution for a single location not requiring any further clients apart from the main system.

WinGuard Basic

WinGuard Basic is a distributed system with up to five clients, 5,000 data-point units and five interfaces – the optimal solution for medium-sized installations, including multi-client mode.

WinGuard Professional

WinGuard Professional is a distributed system with up to 15 clients, 25,000 datapoint units and 15 interfaces. The development of new interfaces is possible.

WinGuard Enterprise

WinGuard Enterprise is a distributed system with unlimited locations, clients, datapoint units and interfaces. The development of new interfaces is possible.

License Model

The WinGuard License Model reflects four different main systems, extendable by further optional modules (functional or interface modules), already at purchase or at a later stage.


Overiew of all currently available interfaces. The portfolio of supported systems is continuously increasing and steadily extended by new developments.

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