Advancis Ecosystem

The Advancis Ecosystem is an alliance of companies that creates synergies in development and sales by exchanging knowledge and experience. We offer various partnerships in order to create positive network effects.

Partenaires d’affaires

Les partenaires internationaux qualifiés de WinGuard commercialisent et distribuent le logiciel WinGauard et offrent des sérvices reliés.

Alliance Partners

We enhance close collaboration with further significant companies in the security industry via our Alliance Partners. Competencies are brought together to create optimal solutions for security and building management.

Partenaires de technologie

Les systèmes des partenaires de technologie d’Advancis sont intégrés dans WinGuard par des interfaces spécifiques qui sont continuellement développées et adaptées.

Control Room Partners

Control Rooms Partners certified by Advancis operate a superordinated control centre equipped with WinGuard. They also offer efficient and cost-saving remote alarm management for private and business customers.

Documents connexes

WinGuard Brochure

Brochure WinGuard

La brochure WinGuard explique les fonctionnalités et les applications de notre logiciel.

Success Story MPL

MPL Project

Read more about remote alarm management in a superordinated control centre in our MPL Success Story.

Success Story Infineon

Infineon Project

Security management in micro electronics/semiconducter industry.

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