Education sites and in particular residence halls harbor the risk of theft, vandalism and unauthorized access. To ensure the well-being of the students is thus of utmost importance.

The protection of property and the physical inviolability of the residing persons as well as of the employees will also prevent interruptions of lecture which might be caused by damages or thefts.

Especially multi-site universities with thousands of employees and students require a homogeneous and cross-site, easy to use and at the same time efficient security system.

For example, during regular opening times, doors and access ways must open and close automatically, whereas late in the evening or at night, only the exit shall be possible so that unauthorized persons do not have access from outside any more but all doors can be opened from inside to get out. Individual access rights for employees can be easily assigned with WinGuard, e.g. organizational units with different rights can be defined.

Particularly sensitive areas within a location, such as server rooms, lecturer offices or laboratories are specifically protected and partly video surveilled.

In case of an event, WinGuard is Via the existing network infrastructure, WinGuard links e.g. access and camera data via the existing network infrastructure.

In addition, building management technology can also be integrated in WinGuard: maintenance intervals, temperature data etc. are announced centrally so that the local personnel can take the appropriate measures. Especially in case of spacious sites technicians can easily receive status messages via mobile devices.